S7 not receiving all text messages


    For at least the last couple of weeks (I'm not 100% sure when it started), I have stopped receiving some of the texts sent to my number. I still receive some texts from people but I definitely have been missing some. The messages I've missed aren't from a singular carrier or from a singular phone type (apple vs android). I haven't been able to pinpoint in what scenarios I miss messages but it's getting old very quickly. I've tried restarting the phone a few times since but hasn't made any difference. Checking shows no available updates.


    I've tried correcting this by trying to purchase a V30 but apparently Charlotte hasn't gotten a single phone in yet...

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      • snn555

        Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

        I might contact T-Mobile to issue a network support ticket to make sure that provisioning is correct on your line. I might also elect to try a new SIM card. You might also try your sim card in another phone. If you find that a messages work consistently there then the phone may be at fault however if you continue to experience difficulties then perhaps the Sim is at fault. But it would be my opinion that either the phone the Sim or network provisioning might be at fault.

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          • shabamjenkins

            Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

            I do not have a spare phone to use temporarily to see if texts are fully received. I could borrow a spare phone but I can't nail down what scenarios in which texts are not received. I was planning on continuing to use my S7 until it was paid off and keeping that as my backup phone but with its majorly deteriorating performance, the V30 (whenever it decides to show up in stores) is my new plan. If the V30 doesn't come in today, I will try calling T-Mobile's support and seeing what they recommend for a course of action.

              • snn555

                Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                You might ask your friends and family and anyone else who has said that they sent you a text that you did not receive and also the text that were not sent by you about the date and time that they were sent and received. It's not a pinpoint accuracy method however it gives them a round about time so that they can separate other texts in the same time frame.

            • tmo_chris

              Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

              Missing texts is no fun at all! With the intermittency of the issue, we would most likely need to investigate this at the network level. As snn555 mentioned, you will need to contact us so our techs can open up an engineers ticket for you. I know it might be a bit difficult, but having exact examples of the failed incoming SMS is going to be crucial so our engineers can pinpoint the issue.

              • winchester

                Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                Having this same issue. Just spoke with a T-Mobile tech expert. He checked the success and failure rate of my text messages.  He was able to determine that there were a few messages that failed to send. He needed to update the sim/software on his end for the two phones that were having issues. He stated this is a common issue and easily fixed.  He updated the info and that we should not be having problems. Will be keeping an eye on this though.


                When I said that it only happens with some people, there are no error messages on my end, there are no error messages on their end, the problem occurs after I connect to Wi-Fi and that I have to reset my Network settings to fix the problem. Once I said that he instantly knew how to fix it by checking the Succes/Failure rate.


                Below is a description of my problem. I was typing it out while on the phone with the rep. If the problem persists this might be useful in the future.


                I am have this problem as well with the S7. If you reset your network settings the problem goes away temporarily. This will delete saved Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and mobile data settings.


                The problem seems to come back for me when I reconnect to Wi-Fi.  Everything else will work fine but some text messages will not be sent or received by some people. There are no error messages when I send messages, it looks like it sent. The recipient cannot text me as well and it looks like it was sent on their end, no errors for them. Voice calling (Wi-Fi and mobile) work fine. Note that the other user on my plan also cannot send/receive messages to that person when connected to Wi-Fi. If we disconnect from Wi-Fi the problem persists.  We must reset Network Settings. Once I reset Network Settings I can send/receive messages.  The other user cannot send/receive until they reset their Network Settings as well. The recipient never reset their Network Settings.


                I've connected to multiple different Wi-Fi networks from different providers and the problem reoccurs to random different people. Staying off Wi-Fi seems to prevent the problem but that is not a long term solution.  Anyway I thought that text messages were sent via mobile network and not Wi-Fi.


                Stock/3rd party text apps both have this problem. Other user on my plan has different phone LG G6 fully updated.  Way less apps. Same problem.


                Factory Reset did not help and did not download any additional apps just in case. This did not work.


                For some reason I noticed on my usage history that a single unsent message shows up as sent 3 times, all with the same time stamp. Also the time that I actually sent it was wrong by 3 hours. Recipient lives in my area. Their area code is from a different state but it is the same time zone.

                • magenta3396847

                  I've been having the same issue! My outgoing texts are received, but I don't received my incoming texts---and it's not specific to carrier. I checked my detailed usage on my account and all these missing texts appear in my account as incoming, but I didn't get them. I've talked to tech support multiple times they couldn't find the problem on the engineer side. I had a lot of texts, but deleted the vast majority, and no change. I've had two warranty phone replacements and a SIM card replacement. I just got the second phone today and already one text hasn't arrived. I wish my phone was paid off so I could cancel T-Mobile and switch to a new carrier. I'm done with this crap, and I've been a T-Mobile customer for over a decade. This is not worth the hassle and they've lost a customer here.

                  • magenta3663988

                    Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                    Has there been any good resolution to this problem yet. I frequently have this happen expecially in the mornings. I wasn't sure if it was my wifi or what. But it's super annoying. I could not find any info in these posts for a fix.

                    • sweetsammi

                      Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                      Looks like there may be an issue. I also have the s7. I have had an issue getting text also. 96% of the time I get nothing. They are not in my messaging app or the stock messaging app. They do not come through later. I have missed text from my boss and for important account confirmation text. I spent a hour on the phone with tech and my phone died. No call back. Before calling I checked for updates, freed up space on my phone. Deleted old text etc. It' becoming a real problem. I don' just have an extra phone to keep spending hours on the phone to fix this. Has this issue been figured out yet? Can they help at a store? If I don' figure it out soon I'm gonna switch

                      • adalbertolopez

                        I'm having the same issue. There are at least three confirmed contacts from which I don't automatically receive text messages from. Once I engage with them in a text conversation I receive their messages but as soon as a few hours or days go by I don't receive them.


                        Any troubleshooting I can do?

                        • magenta4286120

                          I'm having the exact same problem. Please help T-Mo.

                          • vbsweb.net

                            Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                            I am having same issue with both my S6 phones... I am a network-administrator.... I agree with the statement that happens when connected to WiFi...


                            It would seem that the SMS/MMS is routing service via WiFi rather than cellular services???


                            Oddly I sync my text messages with email (exchange-server) and now notice text-messages in my email; however missing in default messaging app and tried Textra app with same issue...

                            • magenta5098238

                              Has anyone found a resolution to this problem yet? I have missed mission critical messages in the past but was able to explain my way out of them to bosses and others. However, today I did not receive a text from my bank to complete the set up of my new debit card fraud alert. Now what, just dont set up the security because I cannot receive a text? No, not satisfactory. A solution needs to be found and broadcast to all users post haste! S7 user and T-mobile/Voicestream customer off and on since the 90's.

                                • tmo_chris

                                  Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                  Hey folks! We are aware of in intermittent issue with sms when the device is connected to Wi-Fi. At this time, we do not have a permanent solution. If you are experiencing this issue, please try turning off Wi-Fi on your phone and seeing if the problem persists. If it does, we will need to take a closer look at the network and our tech care folks would need to open up a support ticket for you.

                                • scruplez

                                  Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                  I just noticed that this started happening to me with at least one user that I absolutely know of. I have tried resetting my network connections and do not think that this has resolved the problem. I will keep wifi off. Is there any information I need to gather? My mother apparently thought I was ignoring her for 4 days.

                                  • magenta6018430

                                    Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                    I am new to TMobile, testing it out for a month, and texts worked fine for a day with the new SIM and now on day 3 they don't work.   Cant send or receive to ANYONE.   Have rebooted, reset network settings, turned off wifi... cannot get it to work.   Please help TMobile tmobile-admin

                                      • magentatechie

                                        Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                        I'm terribly sorry for your troubles with messaging! What kind of phone are you using? Is it unlocked or did you get it from T-Mobile?

                                          • magenta6018430

                                            Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                            I have a Galaxy S7 that was originally on AT&T.   Fully unlocked.   Testing out the Tmobile experience before I move my family.   The cell signal is better at my house than AT&T, but if I can't get texts it is a problem.   Strangely, texts worked fine on day 2 of my experience.   Day 3 it died.

                                              • magentatechie

                                                Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                                Ah, I gotcha! Very wise to dip a toe before you take the plunge!  What do your APN settings look like? Have you tried making any adjustments since the trouble began?

                                                  • magenta6018430

                                                    Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                                    Well, no, not until I saw your reply.   Thanks for the idea.   I just went in and reviewed APN settings, it was set up for Tmobile LTE as expected.   The settings were almost exactly as described here.   I made two very subtle tweaks so that it now matches exactly.   Save them.   still not working.   I do have internet working (WiFi radio off) so I have an ip address.  Just no texting.   Other ideas???

                                                      • magenta6018430

                                                        Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                                          • magentatechie

                                                            Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                                            Alrighty, thanks for checking!  Now, there have been some folks here having the same problem with Verizon S6 and S7.  The big difference in the APN that did the trick was changing the MMS port to 80.  I guess because the Verizon APN requires it? Not sure. But, I noticed that the ATT APN also requires it, so do try adding the MMS port (80), save, reboot, and test.  There are also some changes to the APN type, but researching the terms a bit, I'm not sure it'll make a difference?  Worth a try anyway, so let's try creating a new APN with the following:


                                                            Name: T-Mobile US LTE

                                                            APN: fast.t-mobile.com

                                                            Proxy: <Not set>

                                                            Port: <Not set>

                                                            Username: <Not set>

                                                            Password: <Not set>

                                                            Server: <Not set>

                                                            MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc

                                                            MMS proxy: <Not set>

                                                            Multimedia Message Port: 80

                                                            MCC: 310

                                                            MNC: 260

                                                            Authentication type:<Not set>

                                                            APN Type: default,mms,fota,hipri,supl

                                                            APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6

                                                            APN roaming protocol: IPv4

                                                            Enable/disable APN: <greyed out unless there are multiple APN's>

                                                            Bearer: Unspecified

                                                            Tap Menu (3 dots) icon > Save

                                                            Reboot, test


                                                            Worth trying also is to delete all other APNs except the new one you've created.  Some have had problems with this but again- worth a shot!  If it works, reboot then test!


                                                            Fingers crossed that it makes a difference for you! Good luck!

                                                    • me62

                                                      Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                                      Hi I also have an s7, I am not recieving all texts. It is random, I will get one from my daughter and then the same day not get one she sent. It happens with everyone I text with. It happens when I am on and off wifi.

                                                      Help please

                                                        • ninner84

                                                          Re: S7 not receiving all text messages

                                                          I'm having the same problem.  I've spent hours on the phone with TMobile troubleshooting the issue.  I got a  new sim card. That did not resolve the issue. TMobile tried to say it was my phone. I put my new sim card in 2 other phones and had the same problem.  Now TMobile is trying to blame it on the phone/service of the people that are texting me (that I'm not receiving texts from).  Their other solution was to buy a new phone, with no guarantee that that will even resolve the issue.  I'm just done with TMobile and will be switching providers.  Good luck to you.

                                                    • magenta6018430

                                                      So we swapped out SIM cards and that has solved most of the problems.


                                                      Still am not getting SMS short code texts, but I think that is because I have a prepaid plan right now.   Any ideas?