T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 8 BOGO Rebate Denied


    Super confused here. Facts only below.


    • Preordered Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on 8/27/17
    • Saw the Note 8 BOGO offer on 9/1/17 and purchased 2nd device in-store (Samsung Galaxy S8+ which qualified me for a $800.00 rebate on a prepaid card)
    • Was originally on Simple Choice plan but switched to T-Mobile ONE to qualify
    • Added a line for 2nd device under T-Mobile ONE
    • Was advised to submit rebate at least 24 hours after purchase of 2nd device
    • Submitted rebate form on 9/3/17 and was told I was eligible
    • Both devices have been activated immediately upon receipt and have been in use
    • On 10/12/17 I check the status on my rebate and it's denied
    • On 10/14/17 I call and an associate tells me it was denied because I submitted my rebate too early for system to detect my 2nd device (though a store rep told me I could process it after at least 24 hours on 9/3)
    • Was told my promotion was resubmitted on 10/14 and the status will change in 24 hours to "approved" and "mailed" and I should receive my prepaid card for $800.00 in 2-3 weeks.



    My status now just says "received" and it has not changed. It's been 4 days already. I'm not sure if after waiting another month or two it will say "denied" again and I would just have to go through the entire process over and over. I'm losing trust and becoming a little anxious here because I'm having to jump through hoops to get what I was originally promised. I would not have gotten my 2nd device had I not been guaranteed a rebate in 6-8 weeks by multiple (and I mean multiple - both online and in-store) associates. I hope this time it will process smoothly but how do I know for sure?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi, magenta2892898


        I'm sorry you've had to jump through hoops to get your Samsung BOGO rebate card. You've been waiting about 6 weeks now for a good chunk of money which isn't easy. From the information you provided, you should definitely qualify for the offer. When you check your order status here what does it say? Is that where you're seeing that it has been received? I want to save you time and frustration along with preventing you to have to call in just to see where your rebate is. Keep me updated on the status and we can go from there.

          • magenta2892898

            Yes that's where I'm seeing that my reward application has been received.


            After 6 weeks, it showed it was denied. That's when I called T-Mobile and was reassured I should not have been denied and that they "fixed the error" (turns out they resubmitted my application as my original submission was on 9/3 and now it shows 10/14). At that point, I was promised that my status should change in 24 hours to "approved" and "mailed" with expected wait time of 10-15 days for my prepaid master card.


            My status still hasn't changed and it's been a whole week. I sent an e-mail to T-Mobile prior to posting here and just received a response not too long ago. The response mentioned my card was ordered and I should receive it in 30 days. And if I don't receive it in 30 days, to call them again.


            That's another 15-20 days added on to this process (and nope my status still shows my application has only been received so I don't know how valid this is)...

              • tmo_amanda

                magenta2892898, thank you for the update! I'm happy to hear that there has been progress. I get that it's hard to rely on a site that should've already been updated to show "approved". It sounds like when they had to resubmit your rebate, they may have had to escalate it which can in turn prevent the website from updating. I'm not saying that's exactly what happened because without account access (which Community Managers do not have), I can't be certain.


                I'm so sorry you're having to spend more time to hunt down your rebate than you should. Please keep us updated if anything changes.

                • blaznangel

                  Hey magenta2892898 ,  Just curious as i've just bought into the Note 8 promo as well.  Did you eventually get this resolved and get your prepaid card for the BOGO???    Please let me know if you have a moment, sorry to hear about the trouble you had, hope it got resolved for you.

              • nelfar212

                I wish I would have seen your post sooner, 1st Who ever told yon needed to switch to TMO one was incorrect,an I think it's too late to reverse course at this point. I'm on the simple choice plan, which is vastly better than TMO one, if your like me and use devices as hotspots. also The BOGO rebate card actually takes upto 8-12 weeks to receive by mail.  I am enjoying my Note 8, and people think I'm nuts, because I gave the 2nd device to my daughter..I've been a T-mo customer for 10 yrs, and I'm very please with the customer service, I don't hold it against TMO for having reps that aren't knowledgeable, I've learned  to ask a lot of questions by speaking to at least three reps prior to making any changes to my account and or placing new orders. 

                  • magenta2892898

                    Wow, this is just so unfair. Thank you for letting me know.


                    My confirmation page read: "Your submission is approved! Your line of service will just need to remain active and in good standing. Please allow up to 8 weeks to receive your Prepaid MasterCard Card. Accepted 9/3/2017."


                    I had originally written a long post with everything I had to go through for the 2nd line and to get things corrected but actually I just want to focus on the rebate card at this point. Every step has been a challenge and I hope I get the card soon as promised.

                    • tmo_amanda

                      nelfar212 , thank you for sharing! I'm glad that everything worked out.


                      magenta2892898,  please keep us updated on your rebate situation. If you have additional questions, I'm still here and ready to answer them!

                        • nelfar212

                          I am too, I would share the details of what remedy steps were taken to fix the issue, I haven't out of concern for folks who would then try to duplicate and fraudulently try to scam TMO. I will say this, the remedial actions taken to fix I think where unique due to the longevity of my account(10+ years). The more complaints I read with the regard to TMO promotions I can understand why folks are frustrated, and In my opinion the call center reps should have the authority to fix those issues on the spot with out escalating the issue up for resolution . I would save both the customer and call center staff time and money. for example, My situation began when I ordered two note 8's BOGO, I ordered one in Black, and the other in orchid grey. So we added an additional line(to meet the requirements) signed the "EIP" for both devices, and accessories 2cases/2 screen protectors. In the morning I went to check my order status and It showed only one phone ordered, so I called customer care, and that's were the fun began. back and forth calling for 4 days, followed by 5 follow up calls, granted I'm very grateful to all the reps(10) including to two who were very rude, and unprofessional. which is not norm for TMO, 99.9% of the call center staff are courteous, professional, and are willing to do their jobs within the guidelines set by TMO. I believe this process would have went a lot quicker had the call center reps had the ability to override certain things with supervisor approval as it was years ago,  in addition it would make for a better customer experience if stores were allowed to intercede with orders originating from online or telesales.


                          Customers are the 1# asset to a company, sometimes even operating at a short loss will benefit a company in the long run, I think in my time I've talked maybe 500 - 600  people into going with TMO, and I'd say about 100 left due to poor customer service they said the received, being that I'm a 10 year customer, I will say this, some reps are more knowledgeable than other's and I know for a fact some reps do indeed give out bad information sometimes, you can't please everyone.           

                          • magenta2892898

                            Thanks!! My rebate was approved and I'm waiting for the card!


                            It should have arrived 2 weeks ago at the latest even with the resubmission and all, based on what the T-Mobile representative told me over the phone. However, I have a message from the rebate department that says to call them if I don't receive my card by November 15th. Since I haven't received my card yet, I'm going to wait a few more days until November 15th. I really hope it gets here by then!

                          • jhourani

                            I am on simple choice plan too and have been happy T-mobile customer for more than 10 years, I got the Note 8 deal, today when I check the status, I found it denied. when i talk to customer service I have been told that I am not eligible because I am not Tmobile one plan.

                            The store Representative told I am qualified and I added an extra line that i do not need to get this promo and now is denied, that is not acceptable me.

                            Customer service also told me to talk to the store manager where i bought the phone and solve the issue with them because that was were mistake.

                              • nelfar212

                                Recently expired rebates

                                2017 Q3 Samsung Galaxy BOGO Offer

                                Purchase a qualifying Samsung Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on EIP and activate at least one new voice line on T-Mobile ONE or select Simple Choice Unlimited with unlimited high speed data and get your choice of a Samsung Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ for free after rebate. If you cancel wireless service, remaining balance on phone becomes due.

                                • Promotional Window: September 1, 2017 - October 17, 2017
                                • You must meet all of these requirements during the promotional window:
                                  • Activate new service or add a new line to an existing account on a qualified plan.
                                  • Purchase a new Samsung Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ as your first device AND purchase a Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ as your second device.
                                  • Both devices must on purchased with a finance agreement.
                                  • Submit a request on the T-Mobile Rebates page using promo code 17SAMN8BOGO within 30 days of purchase.


                                this Is straight off the website, which simple choice plan do you have, do you have the 6gb data plan or the unlimited one?

                            • nelfar212

                              I would call back and asked to be returned to the simple choice plan, they can review the call where you were told this was a requirement and you switched based on the information you were given. Tmo has reps higher up dedicated to making things right by us especially when the error is on them. start with the call center and escalate up. The rep who viewed my account today was in shock at the adjustments made to my account.  

                                • magenta2892898

                                  Thanks for the information and for following up! I read your other posts and as it turns out they were actually right in telling me I needed to switch plans to be eligible - I didn't have the unlimited data part. I had a cap (can't remember what it was exactly). I'm also happy with the switch it's working out quite well for me, with my travel plans and all.

                                    • tmo_amanda

                                      Gosh, I'm so happy to read the updates to this thread and that your rebate is on its way!

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                                      • nelfar212

                                        Glad it worked out for you, TMO ONE is a good plan  Especially for those who are occasional hotspot users. BTW How are you enjoying you NOTE 8, I upgraded from the Note 3 and Night and Day, it's a great phone no complaints. I'm getting thru a full day with heavy, heavy, heavy use with some to spare. So I'm confidant when out and about I won't have to worry about my battery dying on me. I'm thinking of purchasing a small usb power pack 3-4k mAh just incase, because the two I have are larger 20,000 mAh and a 50,000 mAh and I hate lugging them around.

                                        • nelfar212

                                          And to add, it was an oversight on my part, I actually had to read up on the different tiers of the Simple Choice Plans(because they were discontinued years ago) and assumed them most would opt for the unl LTE vs. the Data cap. It's a better value for a small fee, worked out to about

                                          $12.50 per line, honestly cannot remember the last plan I had with data buckets. 

                                      • dferreira_1975

                                        I have started a petition at Change dot org in regards to this kind of nonsense sales is pulling.  They told me I was eligible without changing my plan. Then I called right before my 30 days was up and was told I don't meet the plan requirements. I spoke with an agent at TMobile before ordering phones and adding a line.  I was assured I am eligible. I was lied to and every single conversation since has been a sale push to get me to switch my plan to a new one. I like my 6GB plan and won't switch.

                                        I urge people to sign my petition in the hopes that TMobile will recognise they are alienating customers and take corrective actions.

                                          • nelfar212

                                            This would have been solved very easily by you reading the terms and conditions of the promo, this is the problem. Some of us consumers don't bother to do any research on our own as you can see the promo clearly states you must be on a "select simple choice plans with "UNLIMTED" HIGH SPEED DATA not 2gb, 6gb, or 10gb. Don't blame T-Mobile for you not doing your homework, and trying to hold them accountable for an error/misunderstanding on your part and the CRS part.  Anytime I intend to alter, or take advantage of any promo's; I read the terms 1st, then I call customer care and ask questions before making any changes to my account.


                                            I'm not sure what you are paying my plan is the "North American Simple Choice Family match promo" it includes:

                                            4 lines @$150 with Unlimited Talk, and Text, Unlimited 4g LTE, smartphone data, and 14gb 4gLTE smartphone mobile hotspot. the highlighted portion is what makes you not eligible. did you ask if you can change your data to make you eligible from, 6g to unlimited? I'm sure they offered to switch you to TMO ONE, but you should be able to make the change to you existing SC plan.

                                              • magenta3285245

                                                You're right, if we had taken the time to do the research on the fine print, we wouldn't have this problem but it's not always the consumer's fault.  With any type of promotions, I always ask the representative in person or directly over the phone to confirm.  In this particular promotion, I didn't see that their had to be a particular plan to qualify (oversight on my part) but I did know that you have to add an extra line.  I asked about the line and they told me you can keep your line up until you get the rebate and can cancel it.  Perfect, that's part of the promotion requirements that I knew about and when asked, they clarified.  Great.  So since I didn't ask about the other terms and conditions because I wasn't aware of them, they're just not going to tell me?!!! 


                                                I was actually interested in the Tmobile One plan so I asked a representative at a store and over the phone when doing the preorder, both flat out told me that my current plan at the time was better and that I should keep it.  Why would they tell me to keep an old plan that doesn't qualify for the promotion when I specifically asked for the BOGO promotion???  Makes no sense. 


                                                That's not even the problem anymore.  Switched the plan, I'm actually happy with it, but rebate keeps getting denied for whatever reason, unrelated to any of the requirements needed.

                                                  • nelfar212

                                                    I don't mean to come off as negative, I've learned over the years to read and ask a lot of questions reduces me having to call T-mo over and over to get a issue fixed. Also if your happy with the TMO one plan great overall It isn't a bad plan and it's better than AT&T, Sprint and Verizon plans. The point was to help so you won't have this issue in the future and save the time and headache.


                                                    My issue with the BOGO came from one of the phones I ordered magically disappeared and when I called to inquire, was given the whole, "we don't know", and to fix you're going to have to pay another deposit $306 OH, I wasn't happy at all, I told the rep. explain this. I added a line that I don't need(I have 7) ordered two screen protectors, and two cases,  I have the email to submit my rebate. So tell me, How I didn't order two phones(very politely)again? Needless to say, this issue took over a month for it to be fully resolved.  I actually felt bad for the reps who had to undue this mess, and I understand their frustrations, I give them props; those folks are a true testament to the T-Mobile company values. 

                                                • magenta2892898

                                                  Will they let you switch to T-Mobile ONE for your rebate to qualify still? Especially since after they reviewed your account and added a new line, they reassured you that you didn't need to switch plans to be eligible for this promotion?


                                                  I was informed I needed to switch my plans to be eligible -- I now understand why. I had the simple choice north america plan with unlimited talk & text but not data. My data was capped at 4gb or something like that. Regardless, I'm happy with the T-Mobile ONE plan. It's actually working out better for me since I travel often. It offers free international roaming to most countries, excluding voice/call. So you get free data and text. With so many apps out there, you can easily use an app to make calls, which would be free since you're only using data. I saved so much money from this on my last travel.

                                                • nelfar212

                                                  My Intention wasn't to be abrupt with the other poster, however a lot of problems for some could be resolved by reading the terms and conditions, I know we don't like small print. It's bothers me as a consumer when some don't accept some responsibility, I've had carriers with Bad customer service AT&T and Sprint. Both of those carriers will never get another dime from me, ever. Those two carriers combined stole $5000 from me, So I hope they enjoyed it, T-mo does have it flaws, but it's been my experience that if the error is bonfide, the will fix it. It's why I'm such an advocate for them.  it's the same with flying if Jet blue and Alaska Air flew everywhere I'd fly only with them.  They, like TMO have shown just because you offer a service cheaper than everyone else doesn't mean you give them 1 star treatment. Many of my friends who have/had Verizon, have told me, though their service is excellent, their bills were insanely high(prior tot to the rate drop to compete with TMO), and the they received substandard customer service.          

                                                  • magenta3285245

                                                    I'm having the worst experience with this promotion.  My rebate got denied 5-6 times already.


                                                    I pre-ordered the phones over the phone with a Tmobile representative.  I asked him, as well as a store employee (when I went to get something else), about the Tmobile One plan because I was interested in it but neither told me that I HAD to change my plan; they BOTH told me that I should keep the plan that I have because it's a good plan.  You would think that if a customer comes in interested in a promotion, they would tell them all the requirements.  They're quick to add another line but leave the most important thing out that actually allows you to get the rebate.


                                                    Anyways, when my rebate got denied the first time, that's when I found out that my plan didn't qualify.  No big deal, they just switched my plan.  However, since then, my rebate got denied 4-5 more times, 4 different tracking numbers.  They say it's because the phone number originally used was denied so maybe they think it was already registered and won't approve it?  I have no clue.  Every single time I call they tell me the problem is fixed and will "personally see it through" to make sure everything goes through, but it's all lies!  I don't think they're even doing anything.


                                                    This last time it got denied, the representative told me they would use one of my other numbers and it will work for sure this time.  Nope. Denied again.


                                                    This is sooooooo frustrating!!!!

                                                      • magenta2892898

                                                        I totally agree with you in that they should never have provided you with false information in the first place!


                                                        I'm not sure this will make any difference but instead of submitting a whole new rebate form, the representative I spoke with actually corrected or edited my original entry. I got to keep the same tracking number and my tracking status just reverted back to "Received" from "Denied" with a new date (the date I called and he corrected it). I received my rebate last week.


                                                        Maybe because the initial entry hadn't been fixed from its denied status, all following entries are recognized as extra attempts that should also be denied. I don't think the system is recognizing that they're trying to fix/correct your status but instead it's seeing it as you (or someone on your behalf) entering the form multiple times despite being told initially it's denied.


                                                        I know it's just extra work you're having to do but because it's a huge rebate, maybe it'd be worth calling once more and having someone actually fix the initial entry instead of submitting more forms? I really hope this works out for you.

                                                          • magenta3285245

                                                            Thanks, I hope it works out too. Although, I had no luck today either.

                                                            I just called and they said their whole promotions tool system is down so they'll get back to me. 

                                                            Only my first attempt at the rebate was done by  me.  Every other time it was the representative editing the original and that got denied like 3x.  So every time after, they gave me a new tracking number, so I have 4 different ones.

                                                            I will try again tomorrow. 

                                                        • tmo_amanda

                                                          There's a lot of feedback from this thread that we can takeaway to improve not only how the rebates are handled but the qualifications as well. I appreciate each of you speaking up to share your experiences. I'm curious -- are any of you still waiting on your rebate or are you still working with our rebate care team?