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Inactive, disabled, deleted app - still phone is ringing on other phone


    Hello Support Staff


    I had have paired trough DIGITS my second phone with my phone. Phones are iPhones.

    Line active,

    Under Settings > Cellular > DIGITS are ON

    Notification are ON


    ... everything works fine, only wish if I can see coming phone call and says is from DIGITS, not after ...



    Decided to turn line OFF (inactive line) on my phone and i got this result:

    Line OFF - call popup and is ringing!

    DIGITS disabled under Settings > Cellular > DIGITS OFF - call popup and is ringing!!

    Notification OFF - call popup and is ringing!!!


    so .... desperate I deleted DIGITS app, restarted iPhone and ... call popup and is ringing!!!!


    hmm.. Can someone help with this situation?



    App version


    No wifi


    Finally I unpaired my second phone with my on the T-Mobile website by computer .. but it should not be this way to inactive my second phone.


    But is going to work?

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