New Customer not being able to apply promotions


    I switched to TMobile from Verizon over the weekend.  I bought an iPhone 7 and BOGO Note 8, activated 3 lines. At the moment, I felt really good about switching because Verizon's unlimited plan's speed was no way near the speed of the share everything plan we used to have.  After reading news articles about how TMobile's network out-performs both Verizon and AT&T, I thought it was time to switch and I finally did after being with Verizon for over 13 years.

    Two days after I switched, I come into work and I remembered that there was a promo for TMobile.  I decided to look into it and found out that I missed out on a deal for $125 per line.  I could have saved $375.  The promo flyer had a number to call and it did say I needed to call them to get the promotion.  I feared that I missed out on saving money by going into the store little too early.  Then I googled the number that was on the flyer and found a thread on this very website who had a similar situation.  She called the number trying to get her money but they refused to work with her. She posted her issue on TMobile's facebook and had her issue resolved.  I thought I'd take a shortcut and go straight to facebook and post my issue. At first it seemed like they cared. At first, they offered to credit $100 to my account, but I didn't think it was fair. Someone else jumped into the facebook messenger and offered to help with me and asked me for the order number.  I didn't have the order number but found the pdf receipt of the sales transaction and sent it. He later told me there's nothing he can do. I spent a good couple hours on the chat and came up empty.  I asked if it's possible to cancel the lines and sign up again to get the promo and he's answer was that since their not new lines, the promo does not apply. I'm a little frustrated at this point and honestly don't know if I'm going to be a TMobile customer for the long term. Verizon was more expensive but their customer service isn't as bad as TMobile. Very sad.

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