Duplicate logged phone calls and sms in digits on my Verizon iPhone with Digits


    I have a Verizon iPhone from work onto which I installed T-Mobile digits to be able to place and receive calls/sms on my personal voice line. Despite installing and reinstalling the app, activating/deactivating the line, toggling voice number and data services on the Verizon line, and disabling iMessage, I am faced with the same problem of multiple call/text logs and notifications. It's become a real pain to maintain the logs/message strings by deleting duplicates and clearing notifications.


    For incoming calls to my t-mobile number on the digits app, the call log shows as many as 5 separate calls at the same time, and multiple notifications in the lock screen for the same call that need to be individually cleared. Similar for text messages (although the number of duplicate sms varies between 2-3 identical texts at the same time from the sender).


    I didn't have the same problem when I install the digits app on my LG V10 T-mobile phone as a test (although don't need it there since the number is native to that phone's SIM). Is this an iOS or Verizon issue? Or has this problem been seen by others using different equipment/carriers


    Please let me know which settings I need to have on the Verizon iPhone running the latest iOS and/or the digits app to avoid getting multiple instances of call log/sms for the same number.

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