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    So I started with TMobile back in September 2017 with their 10gig family plan that had just launched. At the time, the phone plan was opened under my brother/roommate's information, because I didn't have enough credit to qualify. So for a period of 2 years, I have been managing the account and paying the bills on it even though it is under his name. Presently, he will be shipping off to the marines for bootcamp shortly and we were looking to get the information changed over to mine. I called up a Tmobile Rep and asked them what the process was. I was told the whole credit check would be done on me, fine, but also the account would be canceled and a new one would open under a different rate plan which would increase the cost of each line for the same service. I am not sure why this should be so hard, it's literally just the first name we need switched over and the credit information. The address and almost all of the other information is interchangeable. Any suggestions?

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      • iamsoda

        EDIT: I am currently on a the 2nd to oldest tmobile one plan with unlimited LTE and $5 extra for HD streaming.

        • barcodeable

          It sounds simple enough to us as customers, but it isn't.


          Right now, if you do not pay "your brother's bill" (because it's in his name he has the responsibility of the account) T-Mobile will contact the credit report companies on him and not you. Information does get changed, but T-Mobile also contact the credit report companies  to inform them you have an account with T-Mobile, and they subsequently will contact them about your brother closing his account. You change ownership of the account, they want you to pay current prices.


          If my great grandma had an old legacy plan that was for argument sake $15 for unlimited everything, T-Mobile would not want you to be able to hand that plan down from generation to generation as if it's some sort of inheritance.


          Option #1.


          Transfer ownership of the account to you, and it becomes yours... you may pay a little bit more, but the account will be yours.



          Option #2.


          Continue paying the bill as you always have been and enjoy the low cost for having a great unlimited plan. But keep in mind, your brother can always reclaim the account and drop you from it if he wanted to because it's actually his account.



          I would choose option #2 if i had a good relationship with my brother. If you ever miss a payment it will affect your brother's credit.... and if you ever have any problems with your account, your brother would have to contact T-Mobile, because the account is under his control and not yours.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Hi, iamsoda! I just wanted to check in with you. I know barcodeable provided some good feedback for making the decision on whether or not to move forward with Transferring account or line ownership but I wanted to make sure there weren't any other questions we could answer for you. Please let us know if you still need assistance!


            - Marissa