Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?


    Hello, I bought 2 Samsung 8+ T-mobile phones 7 days ago.  I tested

    the video call feature between the 2 phones with no problems that day.


    The next day when testing a video call, the front (selfie) camera on

    one of the phones displayed no picture when starting the call.  I haven't

    had any success with the front camera since 1st day.  In order to

    keep the video call going, I have to switch to the back camera which works



    The front camera works with the camera app for taking photos as well

    as video calls with hangouts and duo.  I've tried turning off permissions

    for apps that use the camera with no luck. 


    Since the front camera works with all other apps, I'm thinking

    there must be some type of software conflict?


    Has anyone had this happen to them?  Maybe I'm just missing something?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you!

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

        Hey, baconplate!


        First off, I love your username! Second, we need to get your front camera acting right. I appreciate you breaking down what steps you've already tried. Your post is very thorough and addresses a lot of the questions I would have originally asked. Thank you! You're right, this would come down to a software issue. Now, I haven't seen a lot of posts mentioning the same issue you're having. Does this happen on both of your S8+'s? Or just one? Can you share with me what software version you're running?



          • baconplate

            Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

            Hello Amanda, thanks for responding!  I sure hope we can figure this out.


            No, the front camera problem just happens with the 1 phone.


            The Software version listed in the "ABOUT PHONE" page is

            Version  (I just updated it a couple of days ago)


            If you were asking for a software version listed under the "About Phone" page,

            please let me know which one you were looking for?


            Thanks for your time.

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

                The info you provided was perfect, baconplate! Thank you! Hmmm. Let's try booting your phone up in "Safe Mode". You can find steps to complete that here.


                Once you do that, let me know if the front camera is working for video calls on your S8+!

                  • baconplate

                    Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

                    Hey Amanda, thanks for getting back to me.  I tried your suggestion and started the phone

                    in safe mode.  Once in safe mode, I tried a video call and the front camera worked!

                    I tested the video call 3 more times over 15 mins in safe mode without a problem.


                    I then restarted the phone and tried another video call and it worked also without

                    removing any apps.  I had success with a few more calls and figured it was fixed!

                    I then charged the phone and walked away.


                    About a half hour later, I tried another video call and this time the front camera 

                    displayed no picture like before.  I figured I'd start the phone in Safe Mode again

                    to see if it worked.  No luck, the front camera didn't work in safe mode this time.



                    Any more suggestions?  Thanks for your time Amanda.

                      • tmo_amanda

                        Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

                        Ah, I was super jazzed while reading through the first two paragraphs, then I read the third one...


                        I would try it in Safe Mode one more time. When functions work in Safe Mode that usually don't work when it's not in Safe Mode, that tells us that a third-party app is likely the culprit. I know in your original post you talked about turning off permissions on app that request camera access. Are the permissions still off?


                        Our last resort would be a warranty exchange which you can find more info about here.

                          • tmo_lauren

                            Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

                            Hey there!


                            Just wanted to take a second to check in and see if you had a chance to try the suggestions by Amanda above!



                              • baconplate

                                Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

                                Hey Amanda & Lauren, thanks for checking in. 


                                On Tuesday, I tried once again in Safe Mode with no luck.


                                Determined to see the front camera work again, I restarted

                                the phone and turned all 9 of the camera permissions that

                                were "on" to the "off" position. 


                                I then started to make a video call one after another.  On the

                                34th attempt, the camera came on.  I tried 5 more times and

                                was successful each time.  Next, I started to add the camera

                                permissions back one at a time after each call.  I went through

                                all 9 and the video call was still working!


                                It's now been over 48 hours and it still working.  I just tried as

                                I'm typing this. 


                                I don't know what changed, I didn't uninstall any apps or play

                                with any settings.  Pure Luck or just a coincidence?


                                I'll continue testing video calls through the weekend to see if I can find

                                something that might have caused this and update this thread with the



                                Thanks again for your help and suggestions.

                                  • dragon1562

                                    Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

                                    Hopefully this works and if I had to take a guess there was a app that wasn't playing nice in the background. If the issue does come up again though I would see about a replacement device.

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                                      • tmo_lauren

                                        Re: Samsung S8+ Video Call Front Camera?

                                        I'm echoing what dragon1562 mentioned above, I have to guess something wasn't playing nicely with something else and was a fluke. I wish I could give you more info or preventative measures, but with my guess just being luck or coincidence, I don't have much to offer beyond confirming the suggestion to exchange should it crop back up!


                                        Thanks for keeping us updated and if anything changes, we're still following the thread and will be happy to pop back in and keep helping if you have questions about an exchange or anything. Fingers crossed for you either way.