How to turn off call/text notification from primary phone to watch cell#?


    After purchasing iWatch 3 with cellular, I got a second number for the watch, different from iPhone number. I have been trying to stop getting notifications from phone to watch but don't see any option for it. I have already turned off all the notifications through iWatch app on iPhone, still no luck. I intend to have this watch for my kid and so don't want the calls from iPhone to be going to watch.

    Any suggestions?

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there! That is a pretty awesome gift for your kid! The Apple Watch Series 3 is a bit different in how ti works on our network and with what you are trying to do, I don't think this is going to be the best fit for him. Does he have his own iPhone and voice line? What specifically does he/she need an Apple Watch for?

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          • flyingbatman

            No, she doesn't have an iPhone. The main purpose was that she can reach us in case of need either through text or call, and same from our side, for example, if we are getting late to pick her up then we can inform her.

            As there was going to be new number for her watch so we didn't even realized that both the numbers will be tightly coupled with each other such that any call on iPhone's number will also be sending the notification to her watch.

            So, there is no way to avoid it??

              • tmo_chris

                Ahh okay, thanks for clarifying. I don't think an Apple Watch is going to be the best fit as the Apple Watch on T-Mobile required a special kind of plan to function and that plan is out DATA with Paired DIGITS plan. This plan mirrors your primary number on the watch and allows you to use the watch with your main number even when you do not have your iPhone. For what you are trying to do, I would recommend something like a Samsung Gear watch and one of our standard mobile internet lines this way the watch can have its own unique number and function as a standalone device without a phone.