More Free Tablet Scams


    I'm ready to start a movement about the T-Mobile "Free Tablet" scam. Originally I was offered a "free" Tab A. The sales guy at the Fallsgrove location said I would be charged $10/month but then credited $10. The tablet was Fair because many apps don't work on it, it has limited functionality, etc.  When I went back, another sales guy said there was a new promotion, just that day (Valentines?), where I could get TWO free Tab Es. I asked what the catch was he said there wasn't one. I asked him if my bill would go up, he said no. He said I would be charged $10 per each tablet but then credited the $20. I said that didn't make sense, why wasn't there a line out the door with people getting free tablets and he said, "I KNOW!" The two tablets were, according to him, FREE.  Of course, my bill has more than doubled, I found out I need to pay for 6G of data each, this guy no longer works there, and everyone I speak to at T-Mobile says yeah really sucks to be you but live with it because the 14 days to return is up.  They also say it’s not possible for them to look up and see which sales person sold me the tablets, which is really hard to believe.  Meanwhile, I received yet another call from the Westminster T-Mobile last week inviting me to come in and get a FREE Tablet! These tablets are not “Free!” It is a scam by T-Mobile to make up for saying they are not requiring contracts, but you do have a contract when it takes two years to pay off a Free tablet, plus your bill skyrockets to cover all of the data plans. My "Free" Tab A has been in a drawer for almost a year and I'm still paying it off. I'm now paying for two "Free" Tab Es, because three different T-Mobile reps told me it's cheaper to pay for the tablets then the 6G data plans.  A manager at the mall store told me yesterday that he tells his people, “Never say anything is Free.”  Any sales person who tells a customer a tablet is free should be fired.  I’m paying almost $200 for a family of three to have cell service and I’ve been with T-Mobile 7 years -- And I was offered Two Free Lines for Life!  I should only be paying for one line.  This is the worst company, repeatedly running bogus “Free” scams.  As far as I’m concerned, they owe me thousands of dollars for my overcharges the past two years.  I’m officially fed up with being told there’s nothing they can do.  I’m going to call the BBB, the FTC, the Post, everyone I can think of because this is a total scam that has to stop. Call it a "Tablet with Data," a "Pro-rated Tablet," anything but "Free."