If I cancel my account, do I get a refund for $1500+ in balance credit?


    Tmobile had been overcharging my business for 1 year+...agreed on the matter and on the refund... and finally after yet another hour+ call gave my business account a courtesy balance credit for $1500+.   I get different answers from each Tmobile support rep as well as their manager on each call.    Now I just want to leave Tmobile.  But they're now telling me that if I cancel the balance credit just goes away, no refund.  Does anyone have any additional information? 


    Also, they told me the only option is to transfer the credit to a different Tmobile account.  Is there a B2B marketplace or somewhere legitimate to do this?

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      • tidbits

        Try doing that some place else.  Credits are just that, and it's not actually monies paid.  Normally it'll get applied to your last bill, and any left over will drop off.

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        • tmo_marissa

          orange2900257, after a year of billing issues and mixed messages, I understand your frustration. I'm sorry that you've had such a poor experience, and that you're considering leaving -- we'd definitely love to continue supporting your business here!
          In this situation, the information you've received regarding a credit balance that results from a goodwill or courtesy credit is correct -- as these are not actual funds paid in, they're not eligible for a refund process. tidbits is correct regarding the way these types of adjustments settle if the account is canceled.
          I sincerely hope you'll consider staying -- it sounds like everything that you went through to have your billing remedied and have this adjustment applied was no small issue, and we'd hate to see that effort go to waste. We'd only issue an adjustment of this size to make something right, so I sincerely hope you'll reconsider and allow that correction to stand, and that we're able to provide the superior support I know we aim to offer going forward.


          - Marissa