Third Party Pre-Paid Collect Call Service


    Why are minutes used from a T-Mobile prepaid account along side a third party prepaid collect call account? Doesn't seem right to pay twice for one call, especially since it's prepaid.  Maybe T-Mobile should offer this service as an option and cut out the third party vendor, so it doesn't seem like " Double-Jeopardy."

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Third Party Pre-Paid Collect Call Service

        It has been this way since the advent of cell phones, even if you call an 800 number.  You are not paying for the call, what you are paying for is the air (cell) time.  If you call an 800 number, or this 3rd party deal, yes the call costs are being taken care of on the other end but TMO isn't getting paid for the use of their cell network so thus you get charged minutes to pay for the connection from your phone to the cell tower essentially.

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