How can I get coverage at work?


    I have ASKED this question THREE different times and gotten a "song and dance" routine each time. I am just about ready to take my business elsewhere! I have looked at the "infamous" coverage map, and according to it, I SHOULD be getting a pretty good signal, that however is NOT the case! As a matter of fact, I have NO signal at all! I have asked "Tech" for help, and they simply told me to go into the local store and "talk" with the representatives there. (SERIOUSLY?? WHAT CAN THEY DO??) OK, went tot the local store, was told there is nothing they can do, that I need to contact "Customer Service" and "ask for access to another tower...REALLY? (beginning to look like I am being JERKED around!! OK, called Customer service ans "asked" about the tower thing and they reacted like I was some type of Alien life form asking for the keys to the kingdom! How can I get a signal, or signal booster (if there is such a thing) as I NEED my phone at work! I use it to photograph "processes" and document "procedures"! Thus far I have to drive into town, PAY someone at the local Office Supply store to transfer those photos to a flash drive, drive BACK to work--ALL on MY money!! (gas, transfer fee, time off the clock to get this done--the BILLS are mounting and

    i am NOT happy. Any help will be appreciated.

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      • security_plox

        Re: How can I get coverage at work?

        I don't work for T-Mobile or know about signal boosting options they might offer, but when I was in a similar situation, I simply relied on connecting to a trusted wifi source and enabled wifi calling on my smart phone. T-Mobile's network in my area was completely down, but I was still able to make and receive calls/text/etc thanks to that.

          • magenta2873157

            Re: How can I get coverage at work?

            Thank you, but the only Wi-Fi  available where I am is the secured/password protected signal of my employer who is a bit touchy about letting anyone have the password--go figure (not like I'm wanting to play games on his data, this is a project for him that I have to complete by Monday!

              • stevetjr

                Re: How can I get coverage at work?

                Wi-Fi of course is the obvious choice since all T-Mobile phones and now most recent phones from everyone support wi-fi calling and your phone uses it just like it was a cell antenna.  The problem is the timeline of "Monday" since any signal booster or LTE cellspot would not be to you that quick.  With the cellspots those won't work if you don't have access to a WAN (ie internet connection) so if you boss is paranoid about his data plan one of those wouldn't be an option. As for the signal booster you have to be able to get at least 1-2 bars of signal for them to work. 


                Now questions would be where are you located at and is your area covered by Band 12 (low band) which penetrates buildings better and carries farther and if so is your phone capable of using it.  Along those lines what phone are you using, if it's an iPhone I will tell you albeit anecdotally but also if you search this site you will see 9 out of 10 reception issues tend to be iPhone's not to mention they aren't capable of fully utilizing all the advanced features TMO's network offers. 

            • tmo_chris

              Re: How can I get coverage at work?

              Cell phones are supposed to make your life easier, not harder stevetjr has some pretty awesome insight here. Since Wi-Fi calling is not going to be an option, neither would our LTE cellspot. I think the best option here would be the signal booster but it does rely on you having at least 2 bars of 3G or better signal in an area of your office. The signal booster will take that signal and transmit it to the coverage unit in a central area of the office so you can get signal in more areas. If you are interested in getting a signal booster, please contact us so we can check to make sure you are eligible.