Smartphone Equality undocumented credit requirement?


    This has been really frustrating.


    I've been trying to get a new iPhone using the supposed "Smartphone Equality". I've been a T-Mobile customers since April 2016, and I've paid my bills on time every single month (I'm on auto-pay since June 2016).

    When I opened my T-Mobile account the representative at the store told me that with Smartphone Equality after 12 months I could get zero/lowest down payments on smartphones through T-Mobile, and that my plan qualified for it.

    Well it's been 18 months and I decided to get a new iPhone 8 plus for my wife. But my down payment was showing as $320, instead of the supposed $79 for "Awesome Credit". So I called T-Mobile, talked to a representative and he said he upgraded my credit and that I should now be able to get it for the lowest down payment.

    A week later I decide to try it again, this time at the store, and I still have the same high down payment. So I went and chatted online with another representative and she tells me that the "Smartphone Equality" program only started for me in April 2017 and that I have to wait another 6 months to qualify for it.

    I've had autopay since June 2016, and she said the reason is some obscure credit update in my account, which she couldn't elaborate on and frankly did not make much sense to me since the entire purpose of this program is to offer "Awesome credit" within T-Mobile for customer with lower credit if they pay on time for 12 consecutive months.

    She also said that I had "Awesome credit" within T-mobile since April (that would make sense since I've paid on time since April 2016). But even with this credit standing I'm not getting the $79 down payment on the iPhone 8 plus.

    Now I am out of ideas. I thought T-Mobile valued customer loyalty, and I am willing to get a phone with T-Mobile, but after 18 months paying everything on time I'm still slapped with a 40% down payment requirement and an obscure excuse as to why I'm not qualified for "Smartphone Equality" is really disappointing.


    I hope a T-Mobile representative can solve this issue or if anyone has had a similar experience I would appreciate some clarification on what they did or what happened.

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