Credit not applied as promised.


    So, due to the ineptitude of TMobile's customer service via phone, such as being hung up on, lying, etc etc, I was promised a $50 credit would be applied to my account by 10/10.


    Hey, guess what, 10/10 is here, business day is over... And no credit.


    So, how do you get the credit as promised?


    Or was this another lie told to me by customer service?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Credit not applied as promised.

        Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to see it's not under the best circumstances. Without more info and knowing how the credit was entered, I can't provide a whole lot of info here. I would suggest reaching out to customer care directly to see if they can assist. You can reach out to our Twitter and FB team and link them to this thread if you prefer not to repeat the situation!