Pixel 2 Promotion in conjunction with JUMP!


    Before I get into the Pixel 2 deal, I'd like to know what the limitations might be when EIP is involved. I currently have half of my iPhone 7 paid off and I'm on a Simple Choice/JUMP plan. I would assume I am eligible for upgrade but I'd instead like to use a Pixel 2. Would I be able to port the number from my T-Mobile iPhone 7 to the Pixel 2 then perform a JUMP from the iPhone 7 to another smartphone by adding another line?


    If I am able to do that, am I eligible for the 50% back promotion for moving to a T-Mobile plan? And if I'm not a fan of the second phone and have to return it, am I still keeping the second line?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Happy Thursday, dannylite!


        Since the Pixel 2 isn't sold by T-Mobile, it isn't eligible for JUMP!. You have the option to purchase the Pixel 2 and taking advantage of the promotion which doesn't require a trade-in but does require you to add a line and be on a T-Mobile ONE or a select Simple Choice Unlimited plan.


        Please let me know if you have any other questions about this promo!

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          • dannylite

            Re: Pixel 2 Promotion in conjunction with JUMP!

            Okay. But am I able to port my number to the unlocked Pixel, do a jump upgrade on my iPhone 7 to another phone sold by T-Mobile and make that a second line?

              • stevetjr

                Re: Pixel 2 Promotion in conjunction with JUMP!

                JUMP also includes insurance which is tied to a particular line.  Second the rebate will be tied to new line so if you switch lines you will probably have problems as I have seen many of them on the forums here with promotional plans attached to new lines and then they switch all the SIM cards around and have nothing but problems getting their rebates.  So at a minimum I would wait until everything you are due is done before switching SIMs but know even then if you need Insurance on the JUMP'd phone you could have issues when filing a claim or if you ever JUMP again since they will see the Pixel IMEI on that line.

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                • tmo_amanda

                  Hey, dannylite!


                  I just wanted to make sure all of your questions have been answered about the Pixel promotion. Let us know if you have any others!