please help locked out of phone!

    Please help I'm totally locked out of my phone! So I have the Samsung J3 and its been great up until now. I've had my phone for about six months and never had a problem until today. Last night I decided to change my lock screen password because my four year old kept getting into my phone and turning off my alarm.This morning when we woke up I allowed my son to watch videos on my phone while I got ready. After I dropped him off I went to use my phone and there is a different lock on the front. It says "locked by find my device". I use to have this setting on my old phone but not on this one that i could remember. Well my main point is Ive tried every password I can think of and it says try again with a timer. I dont know what to do because I cant be without a phone. So ive called customer care and they couldn't figure it out so im reaching out for ideas before I have to factory reset my phone. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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