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T-Mobile has locked my unlocked 8 plus I bought from Apple..


    I’m so upset right now. I purchased an iPhone 8 plus gold 64gb from apple factory unlocked. I’ve been with T-Mobile almost a year and to this point haven’t really had any issues. But once I decided to move my service after initially have a family plan and dropping the other 2 lines. My bill by myself being to much I decided to be added to a sprint line. I’m not thinking it would be an issue because my phone is “ Factory Unlocked”. But after inserting T-Mobile SIM card into my phone. They locked my phone to they network.    I was beyond pissed. The people at sprint say it’s done all the time. They advised me to go to Apple. So I contacted T-Mobile to see what was going on because I just know that couldn’t be possible. And when I contacted them and explained how I bought the phone unlocked through my job which came straight from Apple and they needed to unlock my phone now. They said oh let me see what’s going on because we can’t do that. (My thoughts exactly). They looked and then advised me that my phone wasn’t locked to they network because it wasn’t there device and told me to insert the other sim, cut my phone on and off and try it again. So of course I did that and guess what? IT DIDNT WORK      So I called Apple.But after contacting Apple they advised me that yes T-Mobile has my phone locked under they carrier and I needed to contact them. I told them what they said so they politely called T-Mobile on 3 way and talk to them. After pulling up my account NOW they can see it being locked. And suggested sending a request to they IT department to have it unlocked since it wasn’t they device then advised me to look out for an email because that’s how they would be contacting me. So I did. Only to receive an email stating it couldn’t be done because of some 40 day rule. UNACCEPTABLE   . This is NOT YOUR PHONE TO HAVE LOCKED IN THE 1ST PLACE     . So now at this point I’m tired of the games. Called Apple back whom called T-Mobile back and now I’m super pissed because I have a 1000 device I can’t use on any other network. I have a SIM card with a different company I can’t use. This line is suppose to be terminated so I don’t have to keep accumulating a bill. But NO I can’t because they have taken it upon themselves to lock my phone.     . So now they are acting like they are trying to help me again. And advised me to give them 24-48 hrs and they will send email me the code. This is day 4 of the games. So guess what happens next? You guessed it NOTHING. After waiting they called to see by me having a balance of $35 and some change they couldn’t send the code until the balance is satisfied. Are you F—-ING kidding me? So I politely paid my balance and advised them that if they couldn’t do it then I would gladly go take this phone to T-Mobile since they want it so bad and they can give me one unlocked Brand New. So let’s just say this is day 7 and my phone still is locked under T-Mobile network and I’m beyond pissed. I’m supposedly waiting on a code in my email which could take another 24-48hrs. When this is done, they don’t ever have to worry about me or anyone else I know again. They have to blown me with all the inconsistencies and run around they have given me about my stuff that I purchased. Every time I call in to them I have to talk to 2-3 different people to get to a person that see my phone being locked to them. One thing I will say good about the other ones is. They all agree they don’t understand how T-Mobile could do that when they clearly see I didn’t purchase or am I financing my phone through them.  

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