Avaliable Service days for changing Plan


    I use the Pay As You Go plan for a long time. And the refill cycle date is 4th on each month.


    On last 16th Sept, I paid $50 to change to $50 Simple Prepaid with 4GB Lte data, and this plan have 30 days services.


    But on 3th mid-night, my t-mobile data service have been stop.  And get a message to refill another $50 to keep it active.


    I chat with tmobile, they said it is normal.  Because my refill cycle date is 4th each month, so I need to refill the existing plan on or before 4th to keep the service active.


    I said I paid $50 for 30 days service, but I just only can use 16 days.  It is not reasonable.


    And also I said, my refill cycle date is 4th, so if I paid $50 to change the plan to Simply Prepaid on 3rd, I also need to refill other $50 to keep the service?

    They said: YES, on this case, the first paid $50 only can used ONE day.


    OMG.  It is not common on other country, normally, change the plan is meaning all the term & conditions should be followed to the new plan.


    Any comment on this?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta2822520!


        Refills and changing your plan shouldn't be complicated. If your plan is changed before your refill cycle, then the refill would count towards your current cycle. If it was changed the day before, you may have an option to apply it to your next bill. I recommend getting in touch with our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter (you can click the link in my signature) and they can review your account to see if we can get it straightened out.