Unaddressed Network Congestion at Boeing Everett Factory for 2 years Now


    Some up front information:

         Location: Everett, WA

         Phone: Galaxy S8

         Plan: Tmo 1 Plus Promo - 10GB HS

         Contacted Tech Support?: Yes (multiple times)

         Corrective actions tried: Wiping Cache, Resetting Network Settings, Airplane Mode On/Off, Changing APN, Limiting to 4G

         Throttled?: Not supposed to be since I haven't come anywhere near the 26GB cap

         Wifi Availability?: No



    At certain times of day 10-10:40AM, 12-12:30PM, 1:00-2:30PM (generally coinciding with breaks, lunches, and shift changes) my mobile internet is reduced to unusable speeds. When I can actually make a connection to Ookla speed test, the readings are between 0-0.2Mb/s down with sometimes 0 upload or 0-0.5 upload. This issue has been occurring since I moved back to Everett in Dec 2015. This problem does NOT correlate to signal strength as I have 5 bars most of the time. One might think because I am inside of a metal building that this is the cause of the issue, but it is not. The problem persists outside, and also while driving through the area. There are 3 cell towers in the area. I have been repeatedly told "There is "modernization" going on in the area" or "We are servicing a tower". But this does not explain why the problem has been consistent and persists for 2 yrs, unless of course Tmobile technicians are just that incompetent that it takes 2 yrs to complete their work.


    It seems rather inexcusable to have this kind of service quality with 3 towers in the area servicing roughly 10-20,000 people for one of the area's biggest corporations. Especially considering Century Link field boasts a capacity of 62,000 people without a hiccup in service and I don't get this problem at what would be most people's lunch break in a city like Bellevue.



    Does anyone else have problems like this?

    Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem? Is it fixable?

    Should I stay with T-Mobile or switch?

    Is this a case of grass is greener on the other side and it doesn't matter who I go to?

    Is T-Mobile customer service justified in refusing reconciliation because they say it sets a dangerous precedence when its just one area even if it is my primary work place?

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I really appreciate your level of detail in your post! With this being a time specific issue, to me, this sounds like a congestion problem. Is there ever a time in this area where your speeds are normal? When you contacted our support teams, do you know if they opened up any sort of service requests for you?

          • magenta2854277

            Yes there are times, but they seem to be getting less and less common. For obvious reasons I haven't been able to make a graph of service quality through-out the day. I am sure that your engineering teams have access to tower logs and usage logs that would have this information. Your teams have access to more historical log data than I do of course. Given today's obsession with data analytics I would be very surprised if your ENG team wasn't able to pinpoint times of high congestion in the area at these towers and address them. Really it comes down to what they choose to do with that data if anything.


            Yes they opened service requests. They always yielded "Nothing wrong with the towers, it's congestion." or "A tower is down for "modernization". You guys must be doing a lot of this so-called modernization for as often as the service is bad as it is. As for the congestion, 2 years of acknowledging congestion,but doing nothing about it is unacceptable.

              • tmo_marissa

                Two years is a really long time to struggle with service, magenta2854277 -- that stinks. I did a little internet digging to grab the street address of the factory and plugged it into our internal map. It looks like at this time the cell site is congested, so although we wouldn't project coverage inside a large building in that area based on what I see, that would impact your experience outdoors and throughout the area. There are also some local towers offline for modernization, so that's definitely something that would complicate matters for you even further. It sounds like our Care or Tech teams are seeing this, too.


                Sometimes our Tech specialists have a way to reopen a ticket and escalate it with a request additional information; like a timeline. Typically if future improvement is imminent we're provided dates on our map view, and in this instance although it does look like modernization is in progress, we're not showing a projection for when additional spectrum will be implemented to improve the situation. The ticket results state that the congestion is known and temporary, but because of the duration you're describing for this experience it may be worth having a member of our internal team escalate the most recent ticket and request additional information. I can't guarantee what the response will be if there simply isn't a timeline available, and I know you've reached out multiple times already, so I appreciate that doing so again may not be appealing... but if you're willing to give it a go then it certainly couldn't hurt. I'm sorry that we don't have the response I know you're looking for, but we at least want to make sure we're letting you know about any options you have to escalate this issue.


                - Marissa

            • magenta3193191

              I have filed 4 tickets on this subject since 2008 and nothing has been done.  I basically am paying for cell service I am not able to use.  I also would like to argue with the "coverage maps" showing this as a covered location along with most places off of the I-5 corridor.

              • magenta3416147

                Same service problems for 2+ years at Boeing Everett as OP. Tmobile please fix this, the internet is unusable from 2pm to 8pm at this area.