Transfer of ownership Problems


    I had a business account with a t-mobile re-seller (10g month t-mobile plan) with a phone number that I have had for a long time and want to keep.Myself and wife decided to go to the new 55+ plan instead to save a little each month. The company that I was with hadn't released ownership of the line yet when I went in last week and signed up for our new accounts. My wife's number from cricket was ported in fine and they gave me a new number until the transfer of ownership went though for my business plan line. Last Friday, I received an email from the company that had my original line letting me know that they had completed the transfer of ownership into my name at t-mobile. When I log onto my t-mobile account now, I see 2 accounts, one is the new 55+ plan with my new number and my wife's new number, and the other account is my old number (the one I want!).

    I have called t-mobile twice and even gone into the t-mobile store to try and have them get my old number and make it my current number. Nobody at t-mobile says that they can help. None of them can see my old original number. They even try to port it and I told them that it's already a t-mobile number, not it's not a port, but a ownership change. Nobody that I've talked to has a clue what to do.

    Is there anyone higher up that I can go to for help on this? I really don't want to lose the old number that I have had for years.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Transfer of ownership Problems

        Yikes, magenta2848546! I'm super confused as to where the line you want could be hiding from our representatives, but we'd definitely like to help get to the bottom of this. Although we can't take a look from this public user forum, maybe we can help you dig up some extra information that might help.

        When you're mentioning that you've logged in to MyT-Mobile and see two accounts, do they have separate account numbers? You might be able to look at a .pdf version of the most recent (in this case, probably the very first) bill and see the account number listed near the top of page three. If you're able to collect that information, then perhaps you can provide it to our Customer Care team so that we can try to pull these accounts up in that way!


        - Marissa

        • magenta2848546

          Re: Transfer of ownership Problems

          After about an hour on the phone with T-Mobile last night they finally transferred me over to the business line department and they were able to find the memo and complete the transfer. They 1st had too cancel my new line and then they transferred the old line into my account. Good thing i kept the old SIM card. All is good now.