What can be done. Bills are not what was promised


    I was in market for 3 phones around 3/2017. Tmobile had 2 for 100 promo then for a short time offered 3rd line for free. I went to authorized retailer who confirmed promos and offered an insider 20% discount (was very happy about this thats 80 bucks). I picked 2 iphones (18) and 1 samsung (28). When rep was completing sale (insurance etc) he asked if i wanted syncup drive promo only 5 bucks more a month total. I did not even know what it was but eventually agreed thinking what the heck i am getting thephones and plan for a great deal and maybe the rep gets some type of credit for selling syncups. 1st few bills were in line next one after was too high. Called customer service they apologized said they fixed it and credited me. This happened month after month. I got excuses that with all the promos its hard to keep track and they are not all in system I finally got someone who said my 3rd free line was applied to the cheaper syncup line and not the iphone line which they were billing me much more for. They would not help me. I went back to store and explained situation. Guy made some calls and next few bills were adjusted and now im back up to 186 a month again. I could not even get the syncup working for a month and it has not been working the past few months.

    Extremely disapoointed with t mobile.

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