T-Mobile employee logged into gf phone to send pictures to himself




    Recently my girlfriend traded in her phone that had a broken screen for a replacement phone (iPhone 5s). She wasn't able to wipe anything as the screen was broken and the phone didn't turn on. Earlier today, we were texting and she sent me a photo from her camera roll, however, she didn't actually send it and I received it. We double checked her phone and it showed she did not send it but I definitely received it. After doing some research we found out that her Apple account was still logged into her d phone. What we suspect is the employee from T-Mobile in Rosenberg fixed the screen, logged into her phone and sent her personal pictures to himself. We have the emails of the phone he was logged in and have sense kicked him out of it. What should we do to proceed as she had a lot of photos that could harm her reputation if they were leaked.


    Please assist.


    thank you.

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