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    I changed of responsibility of the account from my name to my wife name right after I paid for the bill in August (I had to deposit $180 for 4 lines to transfer the account to my wife name). When doing so, I was assured by the agent that everything will be in her name including the EIP for 2 phones. However, about a month later I received a mail staying that I owed T-mobile $295 for my old account; yet T-mobile charged my wife $195 for the same month. Which mean that I got charged two times in two different account for the same 4 lines. I have tried to contact T-mobile customer service several times and all I received from them is that they're going to file a dispute for me. But I never received any update or confirmation about my dispute. Is there anyway I can contact the higher people to get this resolve before I'm going to boot camp? I'm going to be shipped out in about 3 weeks and want this to resolve as soon as possible.


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        Hey, athan1985!


        I'm sorry that this slipped through the cracks and you haven't heard anything back from your dispute. This should have been a simple change of responsibility and it clearly wasn't. I recommend getting in touch with our T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter to get this straightened out. They'll be able to see if a dispute was filed and what the status of it is along with any other steps that can be taken in the meantime. You can click the Facebook and Twitter icon in my signature to be taken directly to their page.