Digits - Can't change voicemail greeting


    Hi, I just added a new Digits line, and started to record a new voicemail greeting.  The app closed, so I need to rerecorded it, but on the greeting screen, only Play and the trash icon are accessible, and clicking Trash just greys everything out endlessly and does nothing.  Record is always greyed out.  There doesn't seem to be a working way to delete or re-record a greeting once the first one has been recorded.


    So I deleted the app, and reinstalled it, and now it looks like there is no greeting at all, and only Record is available (Play and Trash greyed out), but after clicking Record and stating a new message, I get the error that the "Greetings upload failed Please retry."  This has been occurring since yesterday.  Another user on my account with their own Digits line is also getting the upload failed error.


    I've rebooted the phone and deleted and reinstalled the app.  iOS 11 and Digits app 1.1.10.  Don't see a way to record a greeting through the PC website.


    There are other issues like all incoming calls just ringing through like a direct call to the primary number, but I will leave those to other threads.

    Great idea, if it was working correctly.

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