Unauthorized Charge by TMOBILE!!


    I called customer service to make a payment with a specific amount, something on Tmobiles end went wrong they ran my card twice.

    My card was charged twice for 2 different amounts, one amount higher then what i authorized. The agent proceeded to tell me this was an error on their end but that i will be refunded 3-5 business days. Which means i will not receive my refund until next week because it is a weekend. They suggested i call my bank to stop payment, why should i go out of my way and try to beg my bank to stop a payment?? This is huge inconvenience to me and my schedule. 


    This error from TMOBILE causes my bank account to overdraft,it is currently negative and i was left with no money due to a mistake your agent did.

    The supervisor were not helpful at all and basically told me i have to wait, they did not care what financial issues i have to suffer when it was their fault.

    The supervisor did not try to accommodate me at all or even offer a credit to my account for the inconvenience they caused me for a charge they made without my permission. I have been a loyal customer to TMOBILE and i i am extremely upset at the lack of responsibility and unprofessional service they have shown me.


    I am now stuck with a negative bank account and with overdraft fees and no money thanks to this mistake you caused. I asked for manager to call me, and i have not received any phone calls. This has been unfair and deceptive practice in violation of consumer protection laws. General Laws  chapter 93 A.

    You are a huge company and you can not deny immediate solutions to your customers due to the way your "system" works when it is errors on your part.


    I demand someone fixes this issue NOW!

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      • htghtg

        Re: Unauthorized Charge by TMOBILE!!

        Hello and welcome!


        That is really unfortunate you had a negative experience. Refunds usually take around 72 hours to process and verify. This isn't always because of T-Mobile's processing of the refund, but rather it takes time for your Financial Institution to deposit the funds into your account. Your mileage may vary, and your institution may process it faster than that. I think you should go out of your way to avoid the overdraft fee that will be incurred if both of the transactions post. I've seen at times when two payments are processing, and one of them was an error, that it drops off after a few days - never charging you at all. However, in your case- it might benefit you to call your institution and order the stop-payment. If you do incur an overdraft fee- then I would use that to justify a credit for the account in the amount of the fee. Additionally, Overdraft fees CAN be waived by most financial institutions, so I'd also recommend you also contact them to see if they'll waive it for you.


        Obligatory I Am Not A Lawyer, but I don't believe honest mistakes are always covered under the False Advertising/Deceptive Practice CPL's. These seemingly are intended for businesses that intentionally mislead and take advantage of consumers (which I believe section 2 mentions). Again, just my understanding of it.


        Furthermore, I would highly recommend you contact T-Force so they can take a look at your account. T-Force can be found on Facebook and Twitter and links to them can be located in the footer of this site or on the Contact Us page.


        I hope that this is resolved promptly!




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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Unauthorized Charge by TMOBILE!!

          I'm sure the additional charge was a mistake and I know that doesn't make up for what happened to your bank account. It's definitely something worth reaching out to our social support team to help remedy this. I do hope you've taken the time to reach out to them for more help. My apologies for what happened, but I do hope it's resolved soon.

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          • vladll

            Re: Unauthorized Charge by TMOBILE!!

            tmobile charged me as well, unauthorized autopay, two months in a row. I'm talking to them for two weeks now with no success. Is there any lawyer who dealing with this case?