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    Dear Tmobile,


    I am a loyal tmobile custome who loves your service and I have three active accounts with you.  However, I am at my wits end with one of your sales reps out of Chattanoga.  His name is Richard Mullins and he emails me just about every week with a sales email.  I have repeatedly replied asking him to take me off his email list and stop emailing me but it hasn't worked.  Please reach out to Mr. Mullins and tell him to stop emailing me.  Thanks.

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      • stevetjr

        Have you attempted to contact his manager?  Second and I suspect this is probably not a corporate store but rather an "authorized reseller", if he persists and it is an authorized reseller I would find out which company is running it and see if you can get any management from that company to stop.

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          • magenta2882196

            Wrong Answer. Not sure if you are a Tmobile rep or a tmobile user but either way that is a "punt" answer. I wrote on this blog so a tmobile rep will read it and reach out to THEIR authorized reseller and put a stop to THEIR sales rep harassing me via email. So if you are a Tmobile rep how about you picking up the phone and calling YOUR authorized sales manager in Chattanoga. That's how John Legere would handle it on behalf of a T-mobile customer.

          • security_plox

            I don't work for T-Mobile, but is there some reason you can't just block the emails or send them to your spam or trash folder?

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            • stevetjr

              This is a user supported forum and the handful of T-Mobile reps are clearly identified with their signature blocks and their user names witch all start with tmo_


              So forgive offering suggestions to resolve the issue that you may not have tried.  If you want it handled the way John Legere would have handled it why didn't you just send this to him?  If you know how he handles things you very well know he answers his email ( ) or just reach out to him on Twitter where he also will reply, trust me I sent him a message about an issue a customer here was having and he responded within and hour and had the VP of sales call me shortly after that.


              And as for the shouting of "Their" and "Yours" you apparently don't understand the concept of "authorized reseller".  It's isn't "theirs" it is another company licensed to sell their product and yes if they complaints they can filter them back but trust me it's not a direct path and there are channels that it has to go thru so a T-Mobile rep on this site can't just call that store and say stop, it doesn't work that way so that's why I offered some direct suggestions that would hopefully solve your issue sooner, please forgive my effort. :-|

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              • tmo_chris

                Hey there! I am going to send you a private message so we can get this taken care of. Please reply to the PM as soon as you can.