T-Mo compatibility of Apple Watch 3 bought from Apple directly


    Hi tmo_evan


    Is there any news on the compatibility of the Watch 3 directly bought from Apple with T-mo network? I am still planning to get it paired with my work number DIGITS BETA promo. Please let me know.

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      • tmo_evan

        Guess we forgot to tell folks that this has been enabled .  We turned this on about 2 weeks ago so that you can get a watch from anywhere and pair it up.  Depending on your account type you may have to call care for them to help with the setup.

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          • debjitjdv

            Hurray... tmo_evan could you please provide a basic guideline how a SIMPLE CHOICE (like me) / T-Mo One customer can pair DIGITS with Paired DATA?  A guideline so that if somehow the rep does something stupid, we can take corrective measure.


            Thanks for enabling this.

              • tmo_evan

                Well... you should be able to do this manually yourself.

                1. Open the Apple Watch app on you iPhone

                2. Run through the pairing, I recommend skipping the Cellular setup until you're fully finished pairing

                3. Return the Apple Watch app and go to settings.cellular

                4. Setup cellular.  It should ask you if you're doing a SIM swap from a previous device   If you have multiples you'll need to select the underlying MSISDN of the device you're transfering the service from.

                5. click next and you're done....


                If the process instead asks you to validate the last 4 of your SSN, it's trying to set up a new account, in which case you'll need to call care.

                1. Get the MSISDN of the underlying line for plan that you want to use.

                2. Tell the care rep that you want to do a SIM swap for that MSISDN

                3. Provide the care rep with the EID ... this is on the box and also in setting.  The rep may balk at the number since they're not expecting such a long number, just tell them to enter it into the SIM card number field (ICCID) and let them know it will work.

                4. Once they've done that...

                5. Go back to the Apple Watch app

                6. Setup cellular, this time after the welcome, it should tell you are all setup and ready to go.


                If something goes wrong just post back....