Anyone getting error 409 while activating cellular with Apple SW3


    I just want to check if I am the only one. This is my second try in getting Apple watch Series 3 cellular activating with TMO. Last time I got so frustrated that I returned the watch back to apple. This time after reading success in activation, I got another one from Apple store to find that it still gives me error 409. I had been to TMO store couple of times and spoke to digits support. Waited for 2 hours for some changes in back-end database but all in vain. I am still without any successful activation. The rep told he is escalating to developers directly but I am not sure if that will help either. Is there any one who can shed some light or help me here. I have tried pairing fresh. rebooting my iPhone and watch. I am on IOS 11.0.2, the latest.



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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there! Sorry to hear you are still having issues getting your apple watch up and running! This specific error is actually due to the account not having any additional mobile internet lines available to activate without a deposit. The good news is this is something that is totally fixable. Please contact us again so our care teams can review your available lines and assist you with manually activating the watch. If they have any questions, please tell them to reference internal support document DOC-436594.

        • mdyman

          I'm getting the same 409 error.  Two hours and multiple people but no one can get the 5 watches I bought activated.  We even removed the 6th device I had which was an IPAD.  Everything is activated in TMO system but can't turn on LTE on the watches.  Every time I try to setup cellular I get the 409 error.  Tried adding new lines and no luck.  Waiting on a call back but never got it.  Pretty frustrating after buying these from TMO.

            • tmo_chris

              Sorry to hear you are having so many issues! The 409 error usually means that the account as hit the maximum amount of mobile internet lines it can have without a deposit. I am sure that the representatives you spoke with looked over this information as they would not have suggested removing one of your mobile internet lines to free up a line for the watch. We are not able to access user accounts here on the community forum as we do not have a way to securely verify your account but the error you are getting is something that is totally fixable. I hate to ask you to call us again as you have already put so much time into this but the error is specific to the account. If you could please contact us again when you have a moment, you can let the person you speak with know to check internal doc DOC-437039 as this has all the information they would need to verify the eligibility to get your watch activated.