How much would 6 lines on T-M One cost us?


    Now have 6 SC plan lines - $50+30+10+10+10+10.   $120/mo. +$30 taxes/fees = $150.  Plan has 2G fast data.  We use 500Mb-1G data per line.


    How much would this cost if we switched to "new" TM One  plan?   I understand we would get a $10 credit (kickback) per line for staying under 2G of data.

    I also under stand we could get a $5/line credit by giving TM permission to "raid" our bank account.  Can we give a credit card number?  (I don't ever give permission to anyone to have open access to a bank account.)  I do set up bank to autopay fixed amounts like monthly health Ins., newspaper, etc.



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