Stay away from T-mobile!


    I highly suggest staying away from T-Mobile if you like to receive your phone calls, get voicemails when they are left, and not have to restart your phone constantly, or deal with interruption/disconnection on, at times, a daily basis.


    I switched from T-Mobile because I was tired of paying $220.00 a month for two cell phones with AT&T. We've had these phones for at least two years now, and I eventually added two additional lines making my phone plan a total of four lines. I have never missed a payment and have only ever been late once or twice due to a bank error.


    They lied when they said they would buy out our contract and phones with AT&T. We still owed AT&T over $500.00 which went to collections, but is now paid. They did this to several people I know, including businesses.


    I thought at first that all of our connectivity issues, and call issues, and voicemail issues, etc. were due to the phone itself, but it turns out that almost EVERYONE I know with TMOBILE has said the same exact thing. In fact it's a huge joke. I have family that never paid their bill and switched because they became so irate. I know of another customer who was made several promises, and not only has the same issues, but now they owe T-Mobile over $1500.00 for devices so they can't switch even though they were lied to by a T-Mobile rep. My mother and brother are on my phone plan and pay their share of the bill, but they have had it. I am not exaggerating when I say that everyone in our area that I know who has TMOBILE has a provider hates it!


    Here's the kicker. I have called, I have gone into the store, but still nothing. When I went into the store, I asked about switching providers. They just gave me the date that I could switch without owing a bill, and the same happened when I spoke to a rep over the phone, and again, I have never missed a payment. I have been lazy, but we will be switching. They make me want to slam my phone in their face.


    Save yourself!

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Stay away from T-mobile!

        Hey there!


        Definitely a lot going on in this thread and we definitely want to help.


        First and foremost, you mentioned an issue with us paying fees when you switched! That's certainly not something we want to see and while there are steps that need to be taken and specific requirements, overall the process should be pretty easy to complete! Switch Carriers without Early Termination Fees | No ETF's | T-Mobile Was there a specific step in the process there was a holdup?


        For coverage, we have a detailed map that should give an idea of the coverage from your area! 4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile Is your coverage appearing significantly lower than what the map displays? Is this call coverage issues, internet speeds, or other problems? Can you provide us a zip code of your location so we can see if there are other reports in the area?


        Hopefully we can find a resolution to what's going on, phones are used for a lot, almost everything at this point, and we do want you to have a positive experience on our network.


        Thanks in advance and we hope we can assist!



        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Stay away from T-mobile!

          T-Mobile used to have a lot of problems with their system to reimburse customers for their break-up fees but, recently, I've seen very few complaints on this topic.


          T-Mobile works well for millions of customers (I'm one) but there are some places where their service just does not work well. I recommend using various 3rd-party coverage maps (e.g. Sensorly, RootMetrics, CellMapper), rather than T-Mobile's maps to check coverage, and if there is any doubt, try out their service as a prepaid for a month before switching.

            • tmo_lauren

              Re: Stay away from T-mobile!

              Full transparency, I am a pretty big fan of Cellmapper myself, so I do always encourage using maps that have non affiliated user content in them!


              And as mentioned above, the reimbursement process bumpy starting out, should be a pretty painless process at this point. We definitely want to identify where your break down was so we can assist!