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Lied to by Sales Rep


    I was BLATANTLY lied to by a sales representative in the store located on Lake Mead and Rancho in Las Vegas NV. I added an additional line to my account and asked the rep what would my monthly reoccurring bill be to include all taxes, fees, equipment and installment charges for other devices that I am paying off. The sales rep told me $212 after we laughed and talked about me being engaged. Not only did he tell me that it would be $212 bu this was lower than what I was currently paying at the time with one active line and my accessories. I was excited and so thankful that she worked her magic for me! Fast forward to today and I have received a bill for $313. I have spoken to 4 reps on the phone and went into the store and even spoke to the sales rep's manager. The ONLY compensation that I was given was to make a change to my second line that would reduce my monthly reoccuring by $10. Is this how a 17 year customer should be treated? Why is it that T-Mobile does not have better resolution set in place to resolve a complaint when their representative lies to get a sale? In addition to this, this is the third time that I have had to go back and forth with the company. On one occasion it took 4+ hours to come to a reasonable resolution, and I remained a loyal customer. Now 5 years later I am going through hell after I have brought them 5+ customers and remained loyal for 17 years. This is another horrible experience. I truly feel like if they do not come up with a better solution that it will be in my best interest to leave the company. Why remain loyal if a company does not value tenure as a customer?

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        This is not a typical experience and I'm sorry that a customer of 17 years had to go through this. Your bill is now about a hundred dollar difference which is a lot. We need to get to the bottom of how this happened and see what can be done to lower your bill. We will also want to pass along feedback to the store to make sure this isn't happening to other customers. I recommend getting in contact with our T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter to get this handled. They'll be able to help you with all three things I mentioned. It also probably took a bit of time to write this post so you're welcome to link our T-Force team to this post to prevent you from repeating yourself. Again, I'm sorry this happened and we want to make it right!