Can I get Netflix with Unlimited 55+ Plan?



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      • stevetjr

        No the "free" Netflix plan is not included on the TMO One +55 plan.  During the launch press conference John Legere specifically addressed that plan (along with the 2 x $100) and said those plans were just too discounted to be able to offer the Netflix on Us promotion and was therefore not financially possible.

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        • gerisimp

          wow.  the csr who signed us up specifically said we would get the Netflix plan and explained how to set it up at home, and that it was limited to two screens.  This shouldn't be hard for staff to know.  It would have saved me a lot of time in trying to set up something that wasn't available.

          • magenta3260103

            Same thing happened to me.  I was told that it would come with 55+ and when I started to investigate as to why I could not bring up free Netflix on my phone I called T.  First rep said I could and she would take care of it.........never done I find out when I called a week later and that person was very apologetic saying after some work that it was now all taken care of and instructions would be sent to me.  Not.  I called again yesterday and this rep says that he can take care of it after I related my first two experiences with him.  "OK, you are almost set now and I will wave the $16. mo. charge with lifetime Netflix and now transfer you to the person who will let you know how to set it up"....10 min later on hold that person picks up and says that the deal is not going to happen and that is it.  I demand a supervisor which he says is just going to tell me the same thing.  I get the super, explain my disgust with much wasted time and a misrepresentation by the sales force when I signed up. With many thanks to the supervisor for excellent customer service and understanding for not only giving me the Netflix for a gracious 3 mos. but also a credit for what the cost would have been for 3 mos. had I had it.  I like to say that a little breath is better than none at all.  Too many employees that are not all on the same page which can be real bad for business in such a competitive market. I call it gentle pressure relentlessly applied. 


              Same here. Changed carriers based on false promises from sales rep. I am filing complaints with my state's Attorney General and the Consumer Protection Agency here in CT. I suggest everyone do the same, if they were lied to as I was.

              • techieguy219

                i was also told that switching to 55+ would make account eligible for this promotion because my old plan was not, after switching i find out that this plan is not eligible and the best they offered was a small one time credit to “compensate (me) for paying netflix out of (my) pocket”


                i suggest filing complaints with the FTC and possibly FCC as well

                • captcoolhand

                  I recently switched myself to the 55+ plan and ask about Netflix, but was told up front, the plan was only included if it was the military plan. Still okay though, I have Netflix already but having the Unlimited data, makes a big difference.