LG G6 Tough Sitation: Trying to Unlock


    Hi, thank you guys for reading my post!


    I'd like to start out by explaining the situation in which I received my phone. I bought my LG G6 (H872) off of eBay. The seller claimed that the phone was unlocked. After receiving the phone, I opened the Device Unlock app only to be presented with: "Your device is network locked at this time, which prevents it from operating with other compatible networks". I contacted eBay and apparently, he did the same thing with the same phone to someone about a week before, so they let me keep the phone and refunded me my money.


    I went to the T-Mobile store and the manager told me that I could not unlock the phone via the Device Unlock app because I am not the original owner of the phone. However, he said that I could maybe use a third party site to unlock the phone. P. S When he checked the IMEI, he said that is was clean.


    So I suppose I have 2 questions:

    1) Will using a third party site work?

    2) Could I get away without unlocking the phone? (I planned on using either Straight Talk or MintSim)

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