Problem with voice mail on Apple watch


    Hi all...signed up for service with t-mobile today to utilize apple Watch 3. The store set everything up - iPhone 6 and series 3 watch. Both have the latest software.

    With my iPhone off I can receive and make calls without a problem using LTE and or WiFi. The only problem is if I get a voice mail it doesn’t show up on the watch.

    It will appear on my watch only when the phone is turned on.


    What could the the problem be? Hopefully it’s an easy fix. Thanks for your assistance.

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      • magenta2828574

        Ok figured it out. In order to receive a voice mail automatically on the watch with a notification have to have your phone on. I would Think that you would receive voice mails with the phone off but the digits app has to push the voice mail from your phone to your watch. The app also pushes the voice mail to your phone as well.


        Maybe in a future update to the digits app they will set it up automatically....Hope so.