Need new phone- have insurance- can't afford


    My IPhone broke just over night- the screen totally just went crazy.  Anyways I can't afford the $175 new iPhone with my insurance- do I have any other options? ? maybe a cheaper phone or a payment  plan ?? help!

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      • stevetjr

        If it's not "damaged" just an internal failure then you don't pay the full deductible.  If you go to a store they can tell you and start the process if it would be warrenty replacement versus a damage replacement.  The insurance covers both situations.


        If it is damaged then yes the $175 would apply.  As for payments if that phone is already on an existing EIP you can't start another one for that line until that phone is paid off which you are still responsible for.   If you get another phone and add it to that line I would stop paying for the insurance because if you don't file claim for the damaged/broken phone within I believe it is 30 days or you add another phone to that line the insurance will no longer cover your iPhone.

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        • tmo_chris

          Hey there! How are things going with your phone? Was the phone physically damaged or did the screen just weird out on you?

          • tmo_amanda

            Hey, vanitizebaby!


            I just wanted to swing by to see how things are going with your iPhone. Did you end up getting it replaced? Is this a hardware issue or is it physically damaged? Knowing that info helps us figure out what route to take.

            • nelfar212

              If you had your device for under a year and it has "NO" physical damage (damage to accidental or negligence) call 611 and request a warranty exchange.