Problem with MLB coupon from T-Mobile Tuesdays.


    Had a $20 coupon for from T-mobile Tuesdays.

    I used it and it seemed to work fine. Then they cancelled the order a day later and gave no reason.  Refunded the extra money I paid but can no longer use the coupon. Won't credit it since it's a one time use.

    Anyone else have this happen?

    Really dissapointed in their handling of this. 


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      • tmo_marissa

        That's no good, sj544! I don't blame you for being disappointed! Were you able to get or ShopRunner to provide any explanation for the cancelled order?


        - Marissa

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        • barcodeable

          I made 7 orders x $20 = $140 worth of MLB stuff..... I only received 1 so far.... now i need to check to see if any of my orders have been cancelled



          I just checked.... they have already shipped the rest of my items (they are on their way)....


          Im sorry your order were cancelled ... maybe they were out of Stock of whatever you purchased. That has happened to me with other online purchases.... that's a bummer.... they should atleast give you $20 credit with MLB so you could order something else.... that's a ripoff if you asked me.... It would be so awesome if T-Mobile put a $20 credit on your next month bill

          • sj544

            Re: Problem with MLB coupon from T-Mobile Tuesdays.

            Mlbshop was of no help and wasn't sympathetic. 

            Tried to call T-Mobile but didn't have any more time to waste on hold.


            • barcodeable

              Although T-Mobile may not be obligated to refund you anything due to the rules, regulations, and fineprint of the T-Mobile Tuesday Promotion, you can contact T-Force on Twitter and I think they are on Facebook too as well (maybe they will be more sympathetic of your situation) and I would also take a screen shot of the cancellation email you have received including the order #.


              With T-Force.... you don't have to be put on hold.... You can send the message, and reply to their message at your convenience. But If you get a great Rep that understands fully of what had happened to you, I would urge you to maintain correspondence with that particular rep to get things resolved.

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              • tmo_chris

                Re: Problem with MLB coupon from T-Mobile Tuesdays.

                Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you ever get a chance to speak with T-Force?

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                • barcodeable

                  Re: Problem with MLB coupon from T-Mobile Tuesdays.

                  sj544  That's great that you were provided account credit for your ordeal. T-Mobile from my experiences have always fixed mistakes and issues I have had


                  tmo_chris  umm, I would think my comment would be the correct answer as opposed to your comment/question.   (just saying)

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