Suspected Malware - JUMP! - from a source claiming to represent T-Mobile.




    I received this unsolicited text message from sender "747-4."


    Thanks for adding JUMP! w/PDP featuring AppleCare Services to your T-Mobile device! Download your Welcome Kit now to get started!!

    The end of the URL was followed by a 7 character phrase.


    I never added JUMP! as the text message implies.  If it's on my iphone then I've not yet figured out how to remove it. 

    I performed a "block this caller." on the sender, 747-4.


    The website belongs to Assurant, but bears the T-Mobile logo in the upper right side.  I did not download their so-called "Welcome Kit," whereby all indications are that there's a high probability that it's nefarious malware.  There is no indication that Assurant is acting as an agent of T-Mobile or Deutche Telecom.


    May I submit that Deutches Telecom pursue aggressive legal action against Assurant? 

    May I suggest that T-Mobile publish a warning  to subscribers?


    Thank you.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hello and welcome, adonsa! Thanks for joining our Community and posting about this message. The text you're referring to is an enrollment welcome SMS from Assurant, the vendor who operates the Premium Device Protection program that T-Mobile offers (in other words, insurance or JUMP! insurance). It sounds like this wasn't a service that you'd elected to establish on your line. If that's the case, we definitely want to have you Contact Us if you haven't done so already so that we can review your account and get this feature removed! Please don't worry about downloading the document -- it should be safe, although in your case, it certainly doesn't sound like it's necessary. Thank you, and I'm sorry for any confusion here!


        - Marissa