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Conference call disconnects on WiFi


    I have to call Free Conference Call every week for my job. I can only call through wifi and when I accept the charges, the call disconnects. I can only call through when I'm not using the wifi calling, and because I live in the country, I can't get through because my phone doesn't register on the network.

    And when I do manage to get through, my client can only hear every other word

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi, magenta2792935! I branched your post from the thread you'd replied on since your issue is a little different, and I'm hoping other users may see this more readily as its own new post.

        Can you explain in a little more detail what's happening here? You initiate the dial-in conference call on WiFi, and then you hear the message about Out Of Plan numbers, then you press to accept the charges, but the call drops?


        - Marissa