I just want to check prices!


    T-Mobile is becoming increasingly more difficult to work with.


    All I want to do is just check pricing to add a tablet line.  Unfortunately, the system just asks me how many lines I want to add, then what type of device.  Then it forces me to validate email and then call in.


    I don't want to talk to a salesperson.  I just want to see how adding a tablet would affect my bill.


    Why is T-Mobile making things more difficult?


    I know I can shop anonymously, but I used to be able to see how it would affect my overall bill.  Heaven forbid I'm fully informed before I make a purchasing decision, without putting up with sales tactics.


    Sigh.  Anyone know how to access this?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: I just want to check prices!

        Hey there! Sorry for the delay in responding to you! Were you ever able to find out how much it was going to cost to add a tablet to your account? While you may not be able to see an exact amount of what your bill will be each month if adding a tablet, you can take a look at your currently monthly payments and factor in the additional cost of the specific tablet plan you want and the EIP cost if you choose to purchase the tablet on installments. You can also contact our sales team at 1-800 T-Mobile and they can do a mock up order and give you an even closer estimate.