Is this how you treat your long time customers?!


    We have been T-Mobile customers for over a dozen years now and have always appreciated not only the price but the great customer service. We have never used any other cell phone company because we've always been happy customers.


    Unfortunately I can no longer say that.


    We have waited almost three months for our gift card for the BOGO S8 promotion, after all that time and at least ten calls to customer service - two of which I was on hold for more than 40 minutes- all we've gotten is poor advice, excuses or advice multiple times to be patient for another 7-10 business days.


    We were originally told that to expedite our claim we should change plans, which would only cost a few more dollars. When we received our bill that few more dollars turned out to be $200! I called back and was able to switch back but of course this entailed one more call to customer service and still cost us an additional $200.


    The  last call I made before yesterday's call I was told (again) that I was approved and that I would receive my gift card between September 22-28. Yesterday morning, October 2nd, I called again to find out why I hadn't received it, after being on the phone with the customer service rep and on hold for more than 20 minutes the representative told me she would call me back later in the day - 24 hours later I'm still waiting for that call.  Because I no longer trust your customer service I called back AGAIN yesterday afternoon. I was told yet again that I was approved and that the 7-10 business days I needed to wait wasn't up until October 5  and that I just needed to be patient, the same thing I've heard the last number of times I've called!!!.


    Well my patience reached it's end a long time ago, I am beyond frustrated with this process that has not only cost me money it has cost me time. Where is the great customer service you used to have?!?! And where is my gift card?!


    Sincerely - your formally happy customers

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