Can anyone give me a number for corporate or anyone else that gives a dam?


    T-Mobile customer service is some of the worst I have had to endure....talked to numerous reps and supposed Supervisors and nobody has gotten anything done for almost three weeks!!

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      • htghtg

        Greetings, jgrant79!


        Awh- usually the T-Mobile agents are some of the best in the business. In my dealings with them they have always been great and have always provided a resolution. Unfortunately, there are times when they do let people down. Does this happen to be in regards to this thread: New number given by T-Mobile has telemarketers calling all the time..... ? I'm disappointed your issue hasn't been resolved yet.


        I have compiled a list of options to contact T-Mobile which will hopefully find a resolution to your problem.


        1. Dial 611 from a T-Mobile device

        2. Contact Us (to view all options)

        3. Contact T-Force:

             Twitter    |    Facebook

        4. Email


        Please post back with any questions/comments!





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          • jgrant79

            The telemarketer issue was never resolved....we just gave up and stopped answering all the calls from out of state. That is not the problem though....I have been trying to get our phone unlocked which I stupidly assumed would be pretty easy since I met all the qualifications. I purchased my S7 from Samsung and it was the T-Mobile brand and came with a T-Mobile sim card, but I have been told numerous times that it is not our phone or Samsung should have already unlocked it or call Samsung to unlock it . I have been through several supervisors that have promised me that they would take care of it and always gave the 72 hour deadline. I went to the T-Mobile store when one rep told me to do so....they of course had no clue and proceeded to call the same number that I do and wait for nothing to be done. I keep giving my e-mail address and IMEI number  out over and over, even though they have computers which should already contain all this information and sometimes this takes 5-10 mins of repeating the letters of the email until they understand. This last time I called today and was surprise surprise, told 72 hours and your dreams will come true, so I basically said that I am through with this sh@t and that I was staying on hold until the phone was unlocked. He than finally transferred me to an account manager who also said the magic 72 number. I am a very laid back person and do not yell, but I am pretty sure the neighborhood heard my conversations with your excellent oversea call center. Anyway....I asked the manager about 5-6 times to get me a higher up number, his boss or his bosses boss, but it was like talking to a wall, so here I am now....Yep that was a little long and drawn out, but that is the problem I am having....


            P.S. I did also call Samsung, who does have very good customer service about my issue, and was told that it is software locked and can only be done by T-Mobile....they gave me a number and a case ID and said if someone from T-Mobile wants to get on a three way call, we can tell them the same thing. I told the manager this after he said that he would probably have to call Samsung about the unlocking, but of course he did not want to get on a three way because he was just bouncing whatever excuse he could to get me off the phone....

          • tmo_chris

            Hey jgrant79

            Three weeks is way long time to have to endure any problem! I'm sorry we seem to be missing the mark here and while we do not have a specific corporate line, I would love to see what I can do to help turn your frown upside down. Are you still having issues with receiving unwanted calls from telemarketers? htghtg posted pretty much every avenue we have for contacting us but if you want to tell me a bit more about the issues you are having, I would be glad to help!

            • tmo_chris

              Hey jgrant79,


              Just wanted to check in with you to see how things were going. Did you get a chance to speak with our T-Force team yet?

              • tmo_chris

                Hey there! How are things going? Did you get a chance to speak with T-Force yet?

                • magenta6791562

                  I also have gotten the run around on a warranty.

                    exchange. I got a phone replacement upgrade because there was no more note 4. I got the note 5 instead. I'm not happy with the phone. First off when I went to the store to do the replacement  warranty I waited 4 days still no notice of the arrival.  Come to find out from the store customer  service canceled the request.  So had to redo it. Had to wait another 3 days. Then I go in to get the new phone and it's defective.  Have to wait on replacement  again. As I check the phone out it's a phone I have no use fore or didn't want when it came out. I didn't want a Windows phone, I have no use for it or the damn apps it's wasted space for me. I called to complain  and I was basically  told I'm forced to keep this phone which I don't like or have use of it's wasted apps, it also has no sd card like my other phone had it's not compatible to what I need or want. Or the guy said you can spend money and be forced to upgrade to the note 8. How is good customer  service ? It's not. I so upset of how I was treated. I been a loyal customer  for 8 years. I want to get this resolved with corporate, this is unacceptable  to me.

                  • magenta8000889

                    Has anyone had any success in getting the corporate number? I am having an issue with getting my Galaxy watch which is Rose Gold and I purchased and later found to have an extreme battery drain issue. While they were kind enough to replace through warranty exchange they want to send me a black 42mm instead of the 42mm Rose Gold watch I purchased. The reason for that is because they apparently have no refurbished Rose Gold watches to replace my still new Rose gold watch as I have not been able to use it, (well, my girl that is)! The biggest issue I have is that they are still selling Rose Gold watches so they have plenty in stock to sell to new customers, but since I purchased mine already and they have my money I'm screwed? It's T-Mobile's defective product. Take it back send me a new one and YOU take it up with Samsung! Instead you tell me I'm sorry, take the black one now or wait till a "warranty replacement stock comes in"! It's been TWO MONTHS! Still nothing, but plenty of new ones to sell to people and let them  be screwed, when it doesn't work. I can't get a like for like cause you only have new ones? All this after 8+ years with T-mobile, they would rather me shut off my services than correct their mistake. Definitely UNACCEPTABLE. IF anyone has ta number other than the useless customer service line which apparently only has the authority to shut your service off, but not to override a stupid policy to correct an issue with a LONG TIME customer! If anyone has a contact please let me know. They will fix this or lose a customer and I will be a strong advocate of the downward spiral T-Mobile customer appreciation has taken.

                    • magenta9375243

                      I will NEVER come back to TMobile .the manager and employees at the T mobile store on Overland in Boise Idaho has the worst  customer service and they make promises they can't keep .when I went into the store just looking for a wireless device for a security camera and the employee talked me into getting phone service as well . He says I can buy one phone get one free ..then it's no you don't get one free then he says it will cost me $225 to walk out the door with what I believed to be a good deal but wait no the total came to $290 so that was a lie which is the second one of the day then the manGerm and employee says my bill will be 149 00 and he would give me credit for what I over paid him. On the other hand my phone numbers were not working so I went in the next day when I was waiting to get the manager to fix the phone numbers I went and had breakfast and he said he would have it done by the time I was back ...nope that's the 3 Rd lie ...we are done yet...the manager while I was standing there waiting for him to fix my phone's he is having a very loud conversation with another customer. I told him I had to go now my patience has ran out. I tell him I'm not happy about the service I'm getting the manager says " I'm trying to give you good customer service but your not letting me" are you serious right now on top if that my bill is $179.00 I could have stayed with boost Mobile with the sane plan for $106. But the manager did give me a $68.00 credit BUT NY BILL WAS SUPPOSE TO BE 149.00- 68.00 . I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO TMOBILE ITS A HORRIBLE SERIVE WITH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.