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    I am on holidays in USA with my Wife (from Australia) & we were at the Route 91 harvest festival massacre ... We thankfully were 3 (my sister was with us & lives in USA) of the lucky ones that managed to get away unharmed, but when we went to call our family on my phone we got nothing but "account funds low" ... Today after getting back to my sisters (and finally a nights sleep) safely I find that your sales staff did not tell me that I was paying for yes "Stateside $15 international Service Pack" that only allows me to ring landlines in Australia ... This was extremely frustrating (will not use what I really think) especially in the situation we were in, with the only saving grace being that we did not get separated & could use my sisters AT&T phone to talk to our love ones in Australia ... I can only imagine what could have happened if we had been separated!!! or god forbid something tragic happened.

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      • tmo_marissa

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        First, pjas09, I'm so glad you're okay. This was a horrific thing to have experienced for anyone -- travelling or not -- and I can't begin to imagine what you're feeling or how you're processing everything. I hope you're all taking it as easy as possible.

        It sounds like we could have done a better job of explaining Stateside International Services when adding it to your pay in advance plan. There are many countries with free landline and mobile calls, and then many more with free landlines and heavily discounted mobile-to-mobile rates. Australia falls into the latter category -- calls to landlines and texting are included, but mobile-to-mobile calls do have a $.07/minute charge (reduced from the standard $3.00/minute rate). With a Pay In Advance plan, you'd need to have funds available on the account for that $.07/minute to deduct from.
        This was the worst possible time to learn this the hard way, and I'm so sorry. We should have checked which country you planned on calling most during your stay, and then reviewed rates with you, so that you could have chosen to add funds to cover mobile calls. I can see how in that moment sending a text would take more time than simply dialing a number, and I'm sure your aim was to reach your family as quickly as possible. I wish we could go back and change the way this played out for you. Thank you for sharing this experience here -- we'll make sure the feedback is passed that reviewing these details when adding the service is a must.


        - Marissa

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            Ty for the reply but not good enough ... would never have got t mobile if it was explained correctly as I wanted calls to Australian mobiles & $15 was wasted on calls I will not use as 80% of people in Australia use there mobiles, especially older parents.