DIGITS version 1.1.9 and iOS 11 - SMS Screen Scrolling Issues


    I noticed with the most recent update to the DIGITS app, 1.1.9, that I'm having some weird issues with the message list scrolling up and down like crazy for up to 30 seconds after entering a conversation thread.


    In one particular thread with a lot of messages, SMS and MMS, when I tap to enter it, I will not be at the most recent message, rather one from the past. The screen will then start scrolling up and down for up to 30 seconds, before finally reaching the newest message. If I try to type during this time, there is horrible keyboard lag and most letters tapped will not show up. Autocorrect also does not work during this time. I do have a screen capture showing the behavior, but would prefer it be fixed without sharing private messages.


    This is new to the latest app version, and not iOS 11. I have been running iOS 11 since the first beta, and am now on 11.1 beta 1. Once the issue began, I experienced it on 11.0, 11.0.1, and 11.1.

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