Tmobile scam. Tablet as gift is a lie


    On September 1st 2017, I bought a Samsung S8+ and the Sales Associate told me that for the purchase of this phone, I could receive a tablet as gift with internet included if I pay the Activation Kit and the taxes for the tablet.


    I asked him (to the Sales Associate) if this tablet would add any additional charge to my bill, and he told me that no. He told me that I did not have to pay for internet service, only for the Activation Kit and the taxes of the tablet. So, I agree verbally to that.


    During this visit, Sales Associate held my debit card for 15-20 minutes and asked me to signed initially twice in the POS screen. He never told me for what but I supposed that it was to charge my card.


    During this process, he told me that the charge to my debit card failed but that he will try again so, he asked me to sign again in the POS sceeen. Everything was fine this time, he gave me a receipt and left the store happy.


    On September 27th, I received a notification from AutoPay for an amount higher than expected. I logged in My Tmobile and saw that in the bill was a charge for a JUMP service. I never request an insurance service and the Sales Associate never asked me if I wanted it.


    Also, saw that there was a new line added to my bill and was being charged for $14.


    I went to the store the same day (Sep 27th) and the Sales Associate that attended me was not there so, I explained all this story to the next Associate available and he could remove the insurance (JUMP service) but could not remove the charges of the new line because that promotion (tablet as gift) requires that customer pays for Activation Kit, taxes of tablet AND A MONTHLY CHARGE FOR INTERNET SERVICE.


    Also, he refused the return of the device because have passed more than 14 days, however it is not my fault because I got knowledge of this scam 26 days after, trusting the honesty of the Sales Associate who attended me. Besides that, this guy who is attending me on Sep 27th told me that a solution could be to cancel the line but I would have to pay $10 monthly for the next 24 months.


    I tried again with the same guy who attended me on Sep 27th without any luck. At home, called Tmobile Customer Service, explained this and a Representative told me that he cannot do nothing because this situation involves the return of the device (the store refused to accept the return).


    This is a huge scam and do not know what else to do.


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      • megmeg78

        Re: Tmobile scam. Tablet as gift is a lie

        I was supposed to receive a rebate card for the "free" tablet that came with the purchase of my phone back on May 4th. It's been over 5 months and I still don't have it. Meanwhile, I'm having to make monthly installment payments and all sorts of fees which I shouldn't even have to be paying. There's no excuse for T-Mobile to not fix something that they screwed up in the first place. I could go on... Broken promises, that's a fact.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Tmobile scam. Tablet as gift is a lie

          Hey luisarriojas,

          Getting a new phone and tablet should be a fun experience, not one that you should be left feeling cheated. As I am sure you are now aware of, the free tablet promotion comes in the form of monthly credits to offset the cost of the tablet and the requirement to get those credits is that you activate a mobile internet line. I cannot apologize enough that this was not accurately/fully explained to you and while our options may be limited, I feel that it would be best if we could get a full look at your account to see what we can do. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to private message our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and o a full review of the situation and go over all the options with you.


          megmeg78 - We want to look into your issue as well! I have replied to you in your previous post

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          • tinslep

            Re: Tmobile scam. Tablet as gift is a lie

            FYI, I don't know if this helps or not but I was in a T-Mobile store the evening of September 1 and also experienced that the POS system was down. They could  not run my credit card through and had to resort to using an old imprint type device.


            Possibly because the system was down they cannot confirm that you did follow the necessary terms & conditions. Just a thought.

            • tmo_chris

              Re: Tmobile scam. Tablet as gift is a lie

              Hey there! Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you get a chance to speak with our T-Force team yet?

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              • magenta3091182

                I had the exact same experience as this poster, except I just now received the statement reflecting a charge for the internet line. I specifically asked if the "free tablet" would increase our service price. I am a business customer with multiple lines and am extremely unhappy. What recourse do I have?