Getting the run around


    Hello, T-Mobile!


    I'm trying to get a straight answer regarding my situation. I've been told a few different answers, unfortunately.


    I had 4 lines on my account. One was canceled, and one did a transfer of ownership. The line that did a transfer of ownership was using a Wi-Fi CellSpot Router. However, when the transfer was processed, the router didn't follow the line to a new account. Now, my account has two Wi-Fi CellSpot Routers. As much as I like having Wi-Fi in my home (don't we all?), I'm not sure I need two Wi-Fi routers. So, I called and spoke with Customer Service. One rep said that router is discontinued and to take it back to the store. They said the store can switch the router to the new account. Another rep told me the equipment has been discontinued and should be returned (but this leaves the other person without a router solution). My preference would be to switch the router to the new line, but I haven't had much success. Can someone here help me?





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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Getting the run around

        Hi, Josh! Nice to see you, and thanks for asking! I hope we can clear this up a bit.

        Coverage solutions can be switched from line to line on the same account, but can't follow a line to a new account. The Wi-Fi router is currently unavailable for order, so if your account no longer has multiple individual addresses (more than one primary place of use), we would encourage one of the routers to be returned along with any accessories or user guides. However, our store would not be able to assign it to the line on its new account after the return was complete.


        We don't want to leave them without a coverage solution, though! We could right fit the user who transitioned off of your account for another coverage device if needed -- either a 4G LTE CellSpot or a 4G LTE Signal Booster.


        - Marissa