LG Aristo Screen Problems


    A few hours after using my phone for a call and to check the internet I noticed the screen was dark and was not working. I had not dropped the phone. I pulled the battery and then re-inserted it and restarted the phone. The screen worked, but was erratic. At times it was not touch sensitive. Sometimes it seemed to run through several touch commands in a rapid fire manner. Parts of the screen went completely black. Then lines appeared and it went dark again.


    Eventually I was able to restart the phone in safe mode. I started cleaning up old messages and then tried to restart the phone normally, but the screen acted up and eventually went dark again. I haven't been able to get the screen working again. After pulling the battery the phone seems to start (I can hear the T-mobile jingle) but the screen does not work.


    The only recently loaded app is the Uber app, but the phone worked normally for nearly a day after that.


    Any ideas on how this can get fixed?

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