Found my lost phone but t-mobile can't seem to unblock it


    I lost my phone and registered it as lost on the t-mobile site which of course caused a block to be put on it.  Next day I went to T-mobile store with an old junker spare phone and they put a new sim card in it and moved my line to it so at least I had a working phone.  They said if my lost phone showed up to bring it in and they would move the line back to that phone.  A week later I found my lost (good) phone and so went right to the T mobile store to restore it.  They did their voodoo, said it would take 24 hours to take effect and that after one day I should put the sim card from spare phone into the found phone and it would be fine.  Both 24 then 48 hours later I tried but it did not work.  I went back to store where a representative called their experts who told them it could take as long as 3 days so just keep switching the sim card into the found phone and it should activate anytime now.  It's now been a week and the sim card still won't activate my found phone which apparently remains blocked.  The sim card is fine as it still works in my junker phone but not my good/found phone.  I take it this is a IMEI block?  Shouldn't there be someone at t-mobile who knows how to unblock my phone? 

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