Want to get rebate card


    I have filed for a rebate about a month ago and i contact customer care to know the status and i was told there was  no form file but they were able to check the rebate site and see i did it 2 times already. They still  weren't  able to see it in their systems, and i had to do the form again on September 20th and i still haven't got any notifications regarding the rebate card every time i check the site it says the same thing the first 2 i did said and i need to the card because the second phone that was supposed to be free is adding an extra $30 to my bill that i am getting tired of paying and the promotion is the note 8 pre-order BOGO and i got an s8+  for the free one. Can someone please get back to me on that?? 


    Thank you!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Want to get rebate card

        Oh boy rebateguy56 . We definitely want you to take advantage of that offer. Just to be clear, you do meet all the requirements for the and submitted the request per the instructions on our BOGO offer page right? Are you getting some kind of error when you go to the rebate site? If so, what does it say? Please keep us posted on this. Thanks!

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Want to get rebate card



          Just checking in to see if you still need some help with this. Please check out my previous post and let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Want to get rebate card

            Hey there, rebateguy56!


            The BOGO offer has a lot of money riding on it so it's important to make sure everything is properly processed so you're not waiting longer than needed. Please take a look at Mike's earlier post which refers you to the offer page to ensure all of the steps were followed. Let us know if you have additional questions about the offer.


            Lastly, what site did you file your rebate on?