Apple Watch Series 3 | Cellular Activation (Error Code 412-2003)


    I have been experiencing a ridiculous number of transfers, often circling back to the original department that transferred me in the first place and the last agent actually asked me if I "had an iPhone connected to the account" after he had just attempted to walk me through the Cellular activation workflow from within the Apple Watch app, on the iPhone ITSELF!


    Now I'm hoping to reach out to the community and get a bit more effective support.



    1. Purchased Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular from the Apple online store 1 minute after pre-orders began.
    2. We have the Simple Choice Promo plan, with 2 iPhones and 2 iPads configured on the account.
    3. On my iPhone, I open the Apple Watch app
    4. I tap on the My Watch tab and scroll to and tap Cellular
    5. I then tap Set Up Cellular
    6. I proceed through the T-Mobile branded activation workflow, providing the last four SSN for the account, select the ONLY "eligible rate plan" displayed: "Data with Paird DIGITS $10/month, first 3 months free" and click Next
    7. On the Plan Summary, I click Next
    8. On the Terms of Service, I click Accept
    9. On the Service Agreement, I click Accept
    10. I then receive the message:


    Activation Error

    Please contact our T-Mobile support organization for assistance with your account.


    Code 412-2003



    1. On the Watch, I navigate to Settings | Cellular

    it displays

    PLAN: No Sim

    Status: No Connection

    2. On the Watch, I navigate to Settings | General | About

    it displays

    Carrier: Not Available

    ICCID: No Sim



    I would really appreciate someone from T-Mobile to review these steps, understand I do not have a rate plan configured, I've unpaired and repaired my watch 3 times, and had multiple support calls with Apple, T-Mobile, AND a conference call with BOTH Apple AND T-Mobile and the instructions were to "Just keep trying"


    THIS IS RIDICULOUS.  I work in software and that's to say I know my way around an operating system and I am receiving ZERO competent assistance. 


    I have video and screenshots of all of this (simply need to obscure my IMEI, EID, and SSN and can follow up with it in the post.  If ANYONE can assist with this, it would be appreciated.

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      • eximiusvir

        Building on my previous post...


        1. See the iOS 11 Screen Recording of the Set Up Cellular workflow for T-Mobile and the resulting error code.  (The SSN validation entry has been clipped for security).  (YouTube video link)
        2. Note the screenshots below, from the watch, which demonstrate the make/model, as well as some observations about the lack of cellular connectivity and configuration.


        In the screenshots below, note the Model, the missing ICCID, and the observed lack of configuration on the Cellular menu


          • eximiusvir

            tmo_chris. tmo_marissa


            You both seem to have some insights on the "Error 412 variants" and have been replying.  Any thoughts on this one:


            • Plan: T-Mobile Simple Choice Promo (Not a business account)
            • Issue: (See YouTube video link for exactly what is happening and the error displayed)
              • Specific error code: 412-2003
            • Most recent activity:
              • The error message states to "Please contact our T-Mobile support organization for assistance with your account."


              • Individually, T-Mobile support has blamed Apple, Apple has blamed T-Mobile, and the conference call between both resulted in them asking me to "please keep trying".
              • I've tried to activate about 5 times per day since the 9/22, so I would estimate about 50 attempts so far.


            Should I just return my watch and cancel my T-mobile service?  I've been a customer for 12 years and each time I call they make a comment to thank me for being a customer for 12 years, often stating their surprise at the length of my time as a customer.  This has been getting a bit old, even if the reality is I must wait while T-Mobile figures it out, I'd really like a very explicit statement as to what the issue is to demonstrate I'm not wasting my time, waiting...

              • eximiusvir

                Following up to hopefully help other consumers avoid the same pitfalls I ran into.


                First a HUGE thank you to the Apple Watch Senior Support Technician and DIGITs support technician I spoke with today (I'd call you by name, but don't want to get anyone in trouble if I share the wrong info).


                To consumers: If you are getting a ACTIVATION ERROR containing "412", ask to be connected DIRECTLY with the DIGITS support department.


                Most efficient steps to resolve your issue:

                1. Prior to your call, make sure you have written down your IMEI and EID. Your resolution will require remote activation by the DIGITs technician.
                  • These should be located on your packaging, but if you've tossed it already, you can locate this information on the Apple Watch by pressing the crown, navigating to Settings | General | About and scrolling down to IMEI and EID.  (They are long numbers)
                2. You will likely be asked to un-pair and re-pair your watch, while on the call, best to start with the watch unpaired.
                3. Depending on your credit class when you created your T-Mobile account, you may be required to provide a $50 deposit when creating your new DIGITs line.  While this is not displayed in any FAQ, or in the cellular activation workflow, this may be the root cause of your error 412.  This is documented internally and if you review your T-mobile account and see a new $50 charge after having previously attempted to activate your cellular service, this is likely the cause of the error.  (T-mobile, this should be detected and included in the the cellular activation workflow, just an FYI)
                  • You may also consider contacting T-Mobile's credit department prior to attempting to activate your watch and update your credit profile.
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