Data with paired DIGITS not working on ZTE Quartz


    I have a Oneplus 5 and the ZTE QUARTZ

    The ZTE Quartz has the Data with paired DIGITS plan setup and is showing on my account as its own phone number.


    from what I have found on t-mobile's site


    Set up a Data with Paired DIGITS line

    1. If your duplicate phone or watch uses a SIM card, insert the duplicate SIM you received in the mail.Important: Keep your original SIM card in a safe place in case you decide to use to your original phone number on your device.
    2. Restart the device, and your duplicate phone or smartwatch is ready to go! If you have Samsung Gear S2/3, which has a built-in SIM, you will receive SMS messages on your primary device when your DIGITS are ready for use.

    I am assuming that I need to wait for the SMS message like the gear S2/3 as the sim is built in. It has been over 12hrs from when the Data with paired DIGITS was setup.


    Note I have bluetooth turned off to allow for testing the watch function

    Texting using the watch built in app works. ( don't know if this is just using web and that is why it works)

    Phone calls just disconnect with a single beep when placed.

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